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Bush43 has Cracked. Or is it, Using Crack?

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 10:27 AM
Bush43 has cracked. He’s gone off the deep end. He thinks he is fighting Hitler! He is confused about Mussolini. He thinks Lenin is involved but he did not say how. He is quoting Churchill. He sees another Munich. He can save us, but we must follow him! He suggests anyone who doubts him is an islamofascist. Whatever the heck that is. Maybe. Or a fellow traveler, as in Joe McCarthy. Pink if not Red.

Desperate to win the November 7, 2006, election, he has dropped all restraints. From the POV of a rational person, we cannot be sure he does not believe his crapola. Bush43 is a born again, evangelical, bible thumping look'em in the eye Christian by his own admission, who believe God is about to come back to earth and hold judgment of the sheep and goats. I guess you can tell already I’m going to be in the goats.

Not only is his legacy “hanging” in the balance, he is himself is in the balance. There has been so much skullduggery in his Administration that it will take three or four special prosecutors to unravel it all. Start with VP Cheney. Bush43 knows if the Dems win the Congress his glory days of Command in Chief and secret orders are over. Gosh, promoted from lieutenant to 6 star general! Wow! Back to jail-bait.

Is it not time to look at Amendment XXV, Sec. 3 or Sec. 4, to resolve this issue?

[edit on 9/6/2006 by donwhite]

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