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Our the resistance fighters in Iraq obstructing the NWOs plans?

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posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 12:02 PM
I just have some speculative questions. I can't wait to hear your opinions

Question 1
Our the resistance forces in Iraq, slowing down or even stopping some of the NWOs plans? And if they our, should we be supporting them? I honestly doubt they expected this kind of resistance.

Do you think another country in the world is helping fund these attacks, just like the United States did to Russia in the Afghan war? If so, what countries do you think would be involved? Is Russia possibly returning the favor???

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 12:14 PM
The forces opposing the US seem to be made up of Saddam loyalists and Islamic militants.

Saddam is palatable to the Russians and it was partly because of oil deals made with him that Moscow was so opposed to the war. But it's still unlikely that he is personally directing attacks against US forces or that he is in contact with Russia. It is also unlikely, that even if the US fails in it's plans for Iraq, Saddam will ever be returned to power and it's therefore doubtful that the Russians have anything to gain by aiding him.

The Islamic militants are just as dangerous to Russia as they are to the US. Moscow has been on the recieving end of terrorism for a few years now and has no love for the extremists and although their are instances in the past of the superpowers arming and employing groups who would later oppose them, I feel that the lesson has been learned the hard way and that this policy is not a favourable one.

It's likely that any outside help would come from other Islamic countries. Although they daren't show open support for fear of US retaliation, some of them don't seem to be stopping their citizens from crossing into Iraq to take part in a Jihad. Syria and Iran would seem to be the main culprits but there are also instances of Muslims leaving European countries and taking up arms as in Afghanistan.

There are a third group of people who may be carrying on the fight and they are probably the most dangerous to the US. These are the people who simply regard Iraq as thier home and their territory which no outsider has a right to set foot in. I guess you could class these people as patriots. Amongst this group you will also have people who are out for vengeance due to family members who were killed during the invasion.
Revenge and patriotism are two very hard enemies to fight.

posted on Nov, 4 2003 @ 12:36 PM
It's any and all of the extremists, terrorists, whatever you want to call them. It was an early Christmas present for Bin Laden when the U.S invaded Iraq, it gives any wannabe Jihadist’s a target on his own doorstep, never mind the serious and well organised groups which have been in evidence in the recent attacks. Even the administrations description of who *may* be responsible stretches the definition of the word 'broad’ to new limits. They don't have a clue apart from the bleedin’ obvious.

As for your first question, I was asking the same kind of thing a little while ago...

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