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Some little personal experiences...

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 05:20 PM
I’m a 19 yr old guy and since some years i “believe” in the reality of UFO’s phenomena. Lot of things read about it but until to 2006 never had some really intersting experience to tell.
I start to say that for *all* personal facts there are doubts and I don’t consider completely happened these until I will have a total, personal proof; if it will ever came.
I’ve read also about abductions and every stuff about this but usually I don’t think that what I’ve read is true at 100% and for me all this knowledge could foul up the facts-for example some time ago In the past I read that some abduction’s victims have different periods about their personal interest of this matter and this happened to me but then I thought also that could be all influence caused by what I had read.
Till 2002/2003 I couldn’t remember my dreams but just after woke up…one morning….I remember a dream very strange and I know that it wasn’t an usual dream also if before I couldn’t remember pretty well my dreams. At the present I still remember that dream.
However is the following:
I was in my room to sleeping and it was all dark, probably I had my eyes closed and I perceived three or four presences that at the time I assumed to be greys (but about this fact I could wrong because I didn’t see them physically). I known perfectly where they were also if all around it was dark. In particulary one was nearby me and tooks my left wrist. After these memories there wasn’t no more to remember because I feel that…they could have blocked the rest and it was frustrating because I feltt cleary that there was something like a block who obstructed me to remember.
During the next months, behind my “new” feature of remembering my dreams between normal dreams and some stranges nothing about aliens happened to me until this year.
From Jenuary to April happened the following facts:
Jenuary: I was returning to my home with my mp3 and during the way, in the sky I saw an object like a plane but between 2-3 minutes it disappear from horizon and behind some dark clouds but there weren’t storm I saw a little part of them illuminating with a light similar to that of a flash, but with an intensity more slightly. This happened during the first days of the month.
February: I had 2 red signs on my left wrist and after looked every possibile source (finding help on some bulletins) I don’t know from where they came from. No pain, just them appeared one morning.
March: all quite
April: I had a dream one night-Some people were irrupting from upstairs to my house: this is one of my fears. Then, at the school while I was in the gym I looked my left arm (covered by a jersey during the night) and I saw a sign like that of March but with two differences: the sign was only one and if you looked with attention there was a little triangle or whatever, while the sign was all red there was a little part with a colour slightly different.
The difference between these two signs is that the first was gone after two-three weeks but that of march, is still here on my left arm.
In the end there is a lot to say about 2012 but I’m convinced that something will happen. I don’t know what but something of strange will happen.
Personally this experiences have a little importance in my life (for example when a woman abducted had signs like mine I letteraly felt that if they wanted me, there wasn’t nothing to do and this is so scary)
Tonight on Discovery Channell I saw a doc called The Aliens have landed (or something like that: is a direct translation from italian title) it spoked about some abduction dossier-intersting, the ordinary Area 51, Hessdalen and there were some partecipation from Hopkins and Jacobs. One woman abducted had signs like the first ones mine but they were slightly differents and I think that in my experiences could be some real alien involvment but honestly I’m and I will be doubtfull until to a decisive proof in my body or whatever also if basically this doesn’t matter

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 05:21 PM
....because UFOs are real like planes in the sky.

Picture of the couple of signs appeared the first time (2 February):

Here now are 12.31 a.m. so tomorrow i'll check the thread if there are some errors

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