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Stocks and Oil before war

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posted on Sep, 3 2006 @ 05:15 PM
Allow the substance stocks gold,oil etc even out to averages before war and only the ones who know will buy low before the next event. The players whol hold the most sell first in staged levels. ie the biggest o the food chain sells than tells x to sell in week or two than so on and so forth so there is no drama. Once the big guys back out all the small holders will change investments so oil,etc goes even lower. Than the big guys know when to buy. Or is this just natural events and nothing will happen.

Whats oil dropped to in the last two weeks?

Is there any recorded detail before 9-11 or the start of the war on major movement in defnse contract stocks,oil,etc

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posted on Sep, 4 2006 @ 02:46 AM
Before 9-11, the same bad guys, knew which shares would drop and they 'shorted' these. They knew which shares would increase and so they bought these.
These people always know exactly what to buy and the entire market is rigged and unfair. The only way to get your fair share, is to know banking better than most bankers do, or understand the main goal of the bad guys.

Oil and gas usually go up before a war, not down. However, this is not always the case, as during a recession or depression oil prices will almost have to go down, because no one could afford to buy it even during a war. But in this case, its neither. The recent drop in oil and gas is not about war - it's about 'vote politics'.

Generally speaking, the oil shares will go down in price when the elite want it to go down - and up when they want it to go up. The reason they are lower now, has to do with the coming Novemeber elections because they will never drop the price normally; especially with inflation being so high. Since everything else is inflated, why should not oil and gas also be inflated? The elite want to please the American people so they will not vote out all of the incumbents in the coming election. That means we should vote all incumbents out, save a few. This would really piss off the bad guys, and upsetting them in any way makes me very pleased.

War with Iran will happen sometimes after November. You can expect a possible terrorist attack on US soil first, martial law and the draft to follow.

Whether we have a war or not, Gold and silver and most other metals, particularly copper, will skyrocket over the next 3 years. If war occurs, gold and silver could boom in a few days. One great thing is that the elite have kept the price of gold and silver much lower than it should be. So buy lots of it!!

All the inside bankers and traders like Morgan Chase and others, short the market daily. They want to keep the price of Gold and silver low, so they can keep the US dollar high. These criminals do this illegally (of course) every day by purchasing paper shares and then 'shorting' all at the same time to force the price of gold and silver it down. The SEC is naturally aware of this but they too are in on it, so don;t expect any lawsuit anytime soon.

But they can only keep doing this for so long and eventually, they cannot continue. Gold and silver will be going up no matter so buy lots of it and hold it for the long term.

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