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Cameron calls for emissions law

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posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 07:26 AM

Conservative leader David Cameron has joined environmental campaigners in calling for a law on climate change to be promised in the next Queen's speech.

In a letter to Tony Blair, green groups are pressing for legislation that would set targets for 3% annual cuts in greenhouse gases across the UK economy.

Friends of the Earth say the measure should have cross-party support.

The Lib Dems have also signed the letter, saying a climate change bill would help fight global warming.

its interesting (and starting to pay off) that Cameron is trying to stay away from the "old tory right" i think its a good idea. at the moment, its good for him cause Blair is not very popular, so all he needs to do is to play the anti-blair card.

when blair steps down, he will then need to introduce policys and start to battle against labour. that will be the big test and then we will probably see if he will be Prime Minister material.

i will admit, i do admire Cameron, mainly due to the fact he isn't your typical hard right tory minister
he has some good ideas (i admired the Bill of Rights) and his views on the environment are interesting. but, we need to see some real policies when Blair steps down.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 08:51 AM
To be honest Cameron is slowly appearing to become what Blair appeared to be in 1997, ready to right the wrongs of the past Government, promising a bright future with bright policy... but we all know how Blair will be remembered though don't we

I still reserve judgement on Cameron, maybe he's honest and does believe in the principles that he's laying down, then again politicians 99% of the time are only looking out for number one.

Now back on topic

Its good to see politicians talking about the enviroment, but its not even close enough to what they should be doing.
Yes its all very good and proper to set targets, but the current Government does that to the extreme in every area possible, but does it do anything, nein, it has a negative effect.
What I want to see is the how, what will a Conservative Government actually do concerning the enviroment.

Originally posted by infinite
when blair steps down, he will then need to introduce policys and start to battle against labour. that will be the big test and then we will probably see if he will be Prime Minister material.

I think I tend to agree, the Conservative Party is currently under going a mid-life crisis of sorts.
Policy is under heavy review and won't be presented until nearer the next election.
Blair will step down just before the next election and the Conservative party will no doubt release "the big book of nice new policies" around the same time.
A combination of infighting in the Labour Party and new "Green" Conservative policies could gain a victory although by a slim margin.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 08:54 AM

Cameron calls for emissions law

- Whilst late converts are always welcome Mr 'call me Dave' Cameron seems to make a habit of simply ignoring the current reality - we already have emissions laws - to come along (very late in the day) expressing some supposedly 'new' ideas.

I expect the 'Climate Change Levy' will come as a bolt from the blue (sic) to him or perhaps the 'Carbon Trust' (which is helping thousands of British businesses reduce their carbon emissions) is something he knows nothing about?

Most of all it'll be interesting if the tory party even begin to end their years of opposition to those actual and concrete policies and legal/financial measures.

Is it asking too much that they cut down on the waste of paper/energy of these supposed 'new' policy announcements - not to mention their own hot air emissions - (real policy is much more than a cuddly nice sounding press statement/speech) by ending the pretence that they are coming up with anything that is in the slightest bit 'new' at all?

The tory policy vacuum is not going to be filled in with nice sounding but ridiculously off-target statements like this.

We already have environmental measures regarding emissions in place; by all means call for greater application or extension of these measures or even review them but this 'to type' pretending that he is conjuring up something new when he simply is not is not exactly going to reinforce his image as serious on these issues now, is it?

Empty posturing as usual, sadly.

No wonder his polls and those of the tory party are less than stellar (no matter how much attention the media keeps on giving them).
A tory victory against Brown?
Substance and an excellent record & experience verses Mr Vacuous?
Don't make me laugh.

To think they once had the cheek to say Blair was all style and no substance.

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