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Universal challenges Apple with free music downloads

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posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 09:04 AM

The largest music company in the world, Universal Music, has issued a mind boggling challenge to the Apple dominated online music market by making its huge catalogue of music and videos available for free advertising-supported download. Microsoft will benefit because downloads will be compatible with Windows DRM supported MP3 players but not iPod.

Universal's Smart Move

Hmm, working with customer/potential customers is MUCH smarter than RIAA suing 13 year old girls/grandmothers and a "DEAD MAN":bash:

The deal is you can download the songs for free.
It will take a longish 90 seconds to do so, Itunes takes about 20 seconds per song. While it is being downloaded, ad's will play on the computer screen.
The music WILL have M$ DRM in it.
This the day after someone broke M$'s new DRM (Fairuse4wm)

This means it cannnot be converted or put on say an Ipod.M$ DRM Broken

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