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If you were in charge of a network, How would you change the programming.

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posted on Aug, 24 2006 @ 01:40 PM
There is an ATSNN thread about the next season of "survivor," during which the four tribes will initially be "racially pure;" i.e., black tribe, asian tribe, hispanic tribe, etc.

Shots made a comment about what should be done to alter TV programming:

If it were up to me I would cancel all reality shows and while I was at it I would add all evening news shows i.e. Dateline, 20/20, 60 minutes etc., which essentially are nothing but Op/eds or investigative news reports that are not worth a grain of salt and replace the whole lot of them with a few good westerns along with other family oriented programs and perhaps a few good cartoons along with a few new space programs like StarTrek.

Just wondering, what do YOU think should be axed from the TV lineup, and what material would you replace it with?

Here's my recipe for success on a network:

1. Cut the commercials to no more that 5 minutes total per half hour. More people would watch, with fewer commercials.

2. No dramas set in ER's, police precint HQ's or fire stations. New season dramas must have a setting that has not been on TV before: Inside an ambulance, inside a local TV news van, inside the headquarters of a disaster response unit. On a ranch, or in a cafe.

3. Return of the variety shows. From the age of Carol Burnett, etc. those shows were some of the highest rated programs in TV programming history.

4. Westerns. much cheaper than filming in downtown NYC.

5. Step up the strangeness factors on talent shows. No more standing there and crooning a top-40's standard into a microphone. I want to see the guy play the guitar with a cake mixer. My wife makes fun of talent shows, by referring to them by the David Letterman segment called "IS THIS ANYTHING?" I like the girl grinding on her steel bra. That definitely is something.

Anyway, what are your suggestions?


posted on Aug, 25 2006 @ 09:29 PM
Since I don't bother watching TV and could care less what happens to it, if I were in charge of all the networks, Id send a destructive signal out that would cause everyone's tv to explode. Without TV, maybe people would have to start thinking more, and maybe getting more exercise.


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