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I Need Help - Dream Gone Bad

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 06:21 PM
Hmmm i am hoping someone could help me on a dream i had yesterday. First off i am a avid sailor and have been around boats for the past 10 years, so that will help explain a part of it. Also i very really remember dreams at all, maybe once in a blue moon. OK so here goes...

It started off with me and what seems a friend, although i have never met this man before, taking a sailing yacht out onto the estuary. Now this boat is not mine or one that i have owned, but i do know the boat in real life. So we went out of the loch gates and motored North to the mouth of the estuary. Now for some reason this boat had its mast on deck, not stepped, which i found unusual as it was a new finished boat. So we motor round to a place called Perch Rock and decide to step the mast, which cant be done while at sea, especially when the mast is 50 foot long lol. Now Here is were it takes its first really odd twist. My little cousin, who we shall call 'Lilly' for this story, Was on the boat. She had not been hiding, she was just there like she had been all along. OK so we try to raise this mast and it goes wrong, the boat runs aground. Here is strange part number 2, as the tide goes out i notice the boat is made of wood, it was a steel boat originally.

So time skips a little bit and the boat is high and dry, and this sudden sense of panic comes over me as i realise that the boat is rotted and in a bad way. I look over the boat and end up putting a hole in the bottom from checking to see if there is rot. Now in my blind panic i realise that we wont be able to sail back to port, so i leave to go to the marina to arrange a Crane. Why i did that, as there would be no way of getting to the Crane, i do not know. But in doing so i had left my cousin and this man on the boat, i did not realise this at the time.

So when i arrive at the marina to arrange this Crane, i see the oddest thing in the world (strange thing number 3). My granddad, who has been dead for 2 years, was working on one of our old boats in the marina. Now i tell him everything that has happened and we go to walk to wards the Crane. My Auntie arrives screaming where is Lilly. At that point my fear level raises even more (its steadily been increasing as time went by). Just as i am about to lose it, the man arrives with the boat berley afloat tied up in the river by the marina.

So i relax a little bit, but it is short lived. I learn that my little cousin had been injured, either just before or just after i left (i cant remember). Supposedly the boat had fell on her, but she was still alive and in the boat. Now my auntie at that point lost it and started screaming and hitting me, understandably. But here is were it gets odd, i am normally a very calm and reasonable person. At that point i lost it and started screaming back. I was saying things like 'I tried my best' and 'What else could i do', getting really upset and angry over it. My rage was at a point that i have never felt awake never mind asleep.

I then woke up sweating and out of breath, but still with the mixed feeling of extreme fear and extreme rage.

Now as i said, when i dream i very really remember them and if i do its just the 'outline' of the dream. I even normally forget that within a few hours. This dream on the other hand i can remember in so much detail and it had such a impact on my day. I felt horrible for a long time after it.

Has anyone had a similar dream to this? Do you have any idea what it could mean? Also could this be a lucid dream, it felt very real to me?

This dream has really upset me and i really could do with some help understanding it.

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 04:31 PM
Can no body help me with this?

I havnt had the dream again, but it is still upsetting to think about it.

posted on Sep, 1 2006 @ 12:27 PM
this dream is totally about you and the way you are feeling. it starts out on a boat, which you are familiar , obviously. so that is your " home space" .
things start falling apart in your dream, ( which sometimes happens in real life, .. have you been feeling like things are crumbling around you. or in other words. does something start out good, and then usually turns out to be totally the opposite of what you thought it was?? i.e. the boat turning from steel to rotted wood..
you trying to save everyone is probably what you do in real life. always trying to help.?
then when it doesnt go the way you planned and someone gets hurt you are left feeling not adequate.
have you problems with feeling that way lately. you feel that are doing the best you can but in the end its always not good enough for someone, probably a woman( because it was your aunt doesnt mean its actually her in real life. more like a woman figure). hope this helps. let me know if its at all acurate.

im out

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 06:08 AM
it's a warning that something will happen out on the water and you will come close to death. You're being warned to do your very best and try hard to be careful. There is a suggestion that you will do something out at sea that you should normally do in the harbour and that will be the cause of your problem.

I'm thinking it is a stern warning and that's why you were made to scream that you would do your very best and look after things as best as you could. It was a tempering dream from your spiritual guardian more than likely. That's what I think anyway

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 10:20 AM
The once beautiful metal boat, changes and becomes a rotted out wooden craft. The once beautiful and serene trip becomes a crash.

Your perceptions are at work here. You truly prefer to see the "glass as half full" and find that you may often ignore the negatives all together in favour of keeping a smile on. You like to be viewed (and feel) like Teflon...nothing gets you down.

Life can't always be perfect, and there is disappointment in nearly everything. Rather than be upset by this dream, you should be quite pleased that you have such a strong attitude and desire to see the positive right from the start . Even though you may find you are dissapointed later, take it in stride and never forget that you have a rare talent for spotting something that others might miss...the benefit of a doubt.

As for the kiddo, well that's merely a sign that you often feel responsible for things, events, and people, often without having been asked to be. Maybe people see your positive outlook and automatically give you the control (which can be a burden sometimes) as in the case of minding a little kid when you really just wanted to be having a great sailing adventure. Her getting hurt is your fear of letting others down.

You screamed back at your Aunt...that's you fighting the feelings of obligation.

All in all it's more of a positive than a negative. You are a strong person, with great ability to come through even when saddled with chores or duties you didn't want or ask for. Remember it's okay to say "no" to people though...I think that pretty much the jist of it.

Seeing the world in a positive light is awesome, just mind that you don't completely ignore the "ugly" in life (like the wooden boat run amuck). Temper it like you always do with your outlook and positivity.

People won't be totally pissed if you refuse to take on responsibilities that aren't yours. Maybe a little miffed...but hey...

Let me know if it's a close assessment
I love dreams.

And no I beg to's not a foreboding dream of pending sorrows or loss...just a perception and action issue needing some hashing out.


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