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The Terraformers

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 05:52 PM
This is just the start should any of the writers want to add anything this will be fine,

The Terraformers.

It was the year 2025 when NASA launched it's Terraforming program backed by the US and many other countries around the world.China and India had become major global players and with the help of Europe had help keep terrorism under control.With the relative ensuing global peace that followed the Human race once again looked to the stars.

Many of the worlds leading Scientists were attracted to the new investment in space exploration and therefore many breakthroughs and leaps of astrotechnology were achieved.These incuded a 10 year plan by the world renowned scientist DR. Sam Anelka who was a leading authority in Planet physics and climate change.Dr Sam planned to Terraform Mars and other planets by raising the average temperature and turning vast amounts of ice into water,The second stage involved introducing plant and tree life to the now fertile planet thereby turning the CO2 into oxygen and creating a world inhabitable to Humans.
Dr Sam a tall man with gaunt features had hypothesised the best way to achieve temperature in the Martion atmosphere was to introduce a large number of greenhouse gas producing factories to the crimson,rocky surface of Mars.These factories were subsequantly built by a private contracter Nolan Industries on the International spacestation and loaded into the newly commissioned Wanderer4 spacevehicles.

In 2026 the First vehicles reached mars and robotically unloaded their world changing payloads and within 5 years the temperature had risen signifcantly enough that the Red planet now had blue streaks where rivers,lakes and seas had formed.In 2031 the Wanderer 5's arrived and plant life was once more introduced on the martion surface.
Within another 5 years the now formed International Space Agecy (ISA) probes and satelite data were showing positive signs for a manned mission to Mars and Project Leader Dr Hunt set about choosing his crew.The Doctor decided on his crew of 6 who would be lead by Nick Speed and the world was set for It's fist manned mission to Mars.

It was 10.28.36 when the "ISA New Hope" launched on its 3 month voyage to mars and all the worlds media was fixed on this Humanity changing event the culmulation of a World wide effort to change the course of history.Back on Mars the newlyformed atmosphere was producing unseen results,for an obvious oversight by the mainstream scientists had been overlooked,now life that had been incapacitated for millenia was starting to stir once more.What had been a freezing and baron place was once more teaming with life,microorganisms and bacteria,but there was also a more sinister presence that was once more about to rise again.......

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