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Sounds for conspiracy theorists

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 04:58 AM
Hello there, I thought I would post here to tell you about this album:

Its called "One hundred ambient tones" and is a collection of short ~40sec ambient audio snippets designed to be listened to in "random" or "shuffle" ordering. The transitions between tracks, chosen randomly by your machine on playback, become the focus.

The content varies from soft whiring drones, to raucous screeching of metal-on-metal recorded with contact-microphones. Tentative melodies and short bursts of fully arranged music, to the sound produced by connecting a solar panel to a microphone pre-amp, and the distant whistles pops and clicks from detuned radios.

It makes the perfect background sounds for conspiracy theorists and deep space telescope enthusiasts, and it's different everytime you listen to it.

Includes recordings of Bipolar Junction Transistor shot noise, reference noisefloors from many popular brands of VHS video recorders, waveforms from a YMF262 chip, and the results of altering the encoding and decoding of Linear Predictive Coding for voice communications, and of MP3 compression.

You can download it for free from: (



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