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WingTV - Crypto Jews blow their cover!

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posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 07:45 PM

Crypto Jews blow their cover!

They rush to defend the ADL,

and will take others down with them

19 August 2006

Note: You need to know about the Bollyn arrest for this article to make sense:

WingTV's rant on 17 August 2006 is enough to convince me that Daryl Bradford Smith was correct when he said that Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) and Lisa Guliani are Crypto Jews.

Hordes of Crypto Jews are trying to fool us into thinking they are exposing 9/11.

If the Gullible Goyim fall for this deception, the Goyim will ask the Crypto Jews to save them from the Zionists! A clever deception!

But is it clever enough?

Will they deceive enough of us?

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