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Two UFO Crash/ Explosion Videos - Real or not?

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posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by Access Denied
Based on your report I think you probably captured a classified Delta 2 launch from VAFB during 1st stage separation. According to the Spaceflight Now | Tracking Station | Launch log there were no unclassified launches on that date.
Based on the Delta 2 flight profile relative to your position and the fact it wasn’t visible without using the camera’s night vision mode after a while leads me to believe the “explosion” you taped was stage separation and the first stage booster subsequently descending

Well thats an interesting and provocative theory, and one I'll have to pursue, although I would've thought that the (unnamed) scientist from ESA (European Space Agency) would've suggested this theory to me. In regards to the not being able to see it (the soon to be exploded object) flipping to nitevision was chosen as the Sun was setting and my normal recording choices being too dark would've been ineffective for a good capture. Keep in mind that total time from seeing it with the naked eye and then video-taping it, to it's final debris drop was about 20 minute (+-). So switching to NiteVision was my only recourse of action.

Others that have analyzed the footage (from those that I've heard from) queried a number of questions and their own theories, one question that was posed by a pilot (Roundtable discussion in Feb) was that if it were space junk or a re-entering object (IE: Satillite) of some form, why would it maintain nearly a non-movement head-on re-entry. There is only a very slight movement that pans right. And a satillite travels between 12 and 14,000 mph. This has led others (those that are much more knowledgeable than me) to believe that this was on a trajectory to the west, and slightly differant than the stars path. They backed this up with the movement of Orion's belt moving upward to the right.

Several "analyzers" (unknown to me in the community) say that they have seen something in several individual frames just before the imploding/explosion occurs. I myself apparently don't have the same software that they may/might have as I've never been able to see anything to back up their claims. For all I know (and of course I mean no offense to their analysis and labor of time put into it), but they could be just seeing some form of pixelization or a compression artifact from it being of digital content. But they are steadfast in their resolve that a missle or beam hit the object just prior.

Others have pointed out that the secondary object viewed below the larger object helps back their large military balloon theory. And I have to admit that since I still continue to try and compare my capture with other photos and video's of weather balloons, that this theory still holds some strength. Others that dismiss this theory point out that the larger object appears to be luminous and taking into account that the Sun would be to the left side that there should be a darker section on the left of the object as the Sun's reflection would be reflecting off the right side only. In my pursuit of studying weather balloons and Military balloons it does give some credence to the sun-lit and opposite unlit side with a shadow theory. Others have also said that the size of this "thing" was huge and much larger than a weather balloon... Besides blimps, Hot-air balloons and the supposed 'project mogul' balloons, I have nothing else to compare my capture to.

So in the end, I'm pretty much still as perplexed as to what it is as I was when I originally taped the event.

I appreciate everyone that shared their thoughts and will add them to my on-going growing report. Does anyone else have anything they can add?

posted on Aug, 23 2006 @ 05:43 PM

Originally posted by Access Denied

Keep in mind that total time from seeing it with the naked eye and then video-taping it, to it's final debris drop was about 20 minute (+-).

Right and you only have ~6 minutes of video before the “explosion” so you started taping it ~14 minutes after you first saw it correct? Just curious but how sure are you of the elapsed time on this?

Well as a seasoned skywatcher, after first observing an unusual event I look at my watch or at the nearest clock to note the time. In this case I observed for some time by the naked eye before going in and grabbing the camera,,, as I wasn't convinced that this wasn't anything more than Venus or a daystar. I also stopped the video at several times as I was running towards the end of my tape, and wanted the sun to set so I could switch to NiteVision mode and record the rest of the tape with that feature on. I was not expecting to see a phenomena like I captured, I was hoping if I got lucky at all would be to possibly catch something nearby the daystar/Venus. This is maybe a bit more apparent as when Orion starts to become visible, I zoomed out to also include them too...

Originally posted by Access Denied

There is only a very slight movement that pans right.

Well, an easy experiment everyone can try for themselves is to click on the video you gave in the link below and put your mouse cursor under the object at the very beginning and leave it there as a reference point. You can clearly see it’s gaining altitude and moving to the right at the same time…

Although your simple experiment has merit, I don't believe were taking into account if the object were moving towards my POV in it's trajectory as this too would change it's X-Y-Z position in the viewfinder. And unfortunately we also have no clouds, trees (or other) to use as a reference-point, which just makes it a tad more difficult. To say "you can clearly see it's gaining altitude" is just a bit of conjecture based solely on what were viewing. As brought to my attention from other analysts, we have no idea that the fluidhead tripod is in a 'true' tighten down position & might have had a minuscule amount of drift involved due to a number of differant factors (IE: head not firmly tighten, legs not securely locked, etc.). Is this likely,, yes, but probably not, but I'm not 100% of this. So just trying to illustrate that there are always a number of unseen factors that can upset the balance of an analysis.

Originally posted by Access Denied

Do you have a link to the entire unedited video for analysis? It doesn’t necessarily need to be of very high quality. MPEG-1 would be fine.

I had uploaded a over 600 megabyte version that was in 640x480 of the entire footage on megaupload right after the event occured so other researchers could have access to it for analysis,,, but after my checking the link here after your query, I see that the link is no longer viable "due to download inactivity" . So to answer your question, at this time there is none but the short 320x240 abbreviated version. The side by side footage is probably the best resolution in a 640x480 version that is available at this time. And I mean no offense or want come off negative here in any way or shape, but I really don't have any plans or the time to upload another large sized file that will be taken down off of a site in another few months... sorry. I've moved forward with other research and it occupies quite a bit of my time and prevents me from my own skywatching schedule as it is... Currently I'm working with four other ufologists. One area that I'm really excited about is Kaufman, Texas. I'm soley here answering queries out of respect and a courtesy for the thread that someone posted earlier as many posted videos in a forum rarely get a chance to post with the original capturer of an event and share as honestly as I can what transpired.

[edit on 23-8-2006 by JohnnyAnonymous]

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 01:41 PM
Observed similar exploding balloon-like object 1 July 2008 at 8:55 PM EDT. Appeared to be somewhere in the vicinity of the Lake George area of upstate NY.

Explosion was much more rapid and violent than the video, and included hundreds of pin-points of light (light sparks from a cutting torch cutting through metal) a fraction of a second after the explosion.

The debris fall looked identical to your video. I followed the debris for 3 minutes, covering less than 5 degrees of angular displacement. The balloon-like object was clearly illuminated by the sun on the crescent bottom edge of a spherical object. The remainder of the visible side of the object (opposite the sun) was clearly illuminated (brighter than background sky), suggesting a possible translucent surface material. Sun was below local horizon during observation.

The observations were made visually through a 2" f/12 refracting telescope at 55X. Object had an angular size slight larger than Jupiter (47") -- roughly one arc minute, and was similar brightness as Jupiter. Estimated object to be ~75' diameter, at a distance of about 40 miles, at an altitude of over 100,000 ft. It covered about 5 degrees of angular distance in Southerly direction over a 15 minute period prior to the explosion. Estimated speed is about 17 mph, in a direction that was opposite the prevailing winds up to FL 39 at the time.

It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 09:38 PM

Originally posted by Marto_Bagg

Thats how i know

That thread seems to be able the White Sands New Mexico ufo crash video, this one is at night, looks like night vision, from 2006, and it shows a white ball in the sky, then it explodes into fragments which fall back to Earth.

So I think you are coonfused, this thread and the other thread are talking about two entirely different videos I think!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 09:53 PM
Random grainy videos. Wow. I am now totally convinced that technologically superior alien beings have inavaded our planet and can carry on meaningless, repetitous and nonsensical acts anywhere at any time.


I know it will do no good whatsoever to explain to any of you why blurry photos/films/videos and anecdotal, out-of-context footage are useless in proving the existence or lack thereof of EBEs.

People who have meaningless, dull, and uninteresting lives always flock to this sort of bogus horse-puckey, if for no other reason than to relieve their tedium. Myself, I find tracing the source of these ludicrous claims and debunking them of their alleged"mysterious" qualities to be more interesting. It provides a look into the human psyche, and a better understanding of the universe than any supposed "trans-galactic scout craft" that cannot navigate in our atmosphere without crashing or being shot down by our "inferior" technologies.

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