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Politics: I am a racist?

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posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 08:38 PM

PODcast: I am a racist?
Political rants unlimited. A response to Mr. Wupy's accusations that I am a racist and that I deserve to be killed, in the PTS thread Illegal Aliens Killing 25 American Citizens a Day. The other thread referred to is You are a racist if you don't want illegals in the US...?

length: 11:27
file: ptspod_1842.mp3
size: 2686k
feed: pts
status: live (at time of posting)

[edit on 19-8-2006 by TrueAmerican]

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 09:49 PM
Well, I for one know that you are not a racist. Your contributions to my forum have been of high quality and of high integrity. Keep it up!

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 10:03 PM
Well I guess that been racist will be to much after all, but let say that you seem to have some obsession that borders on fanaticism.

Perhaps targeting certain groups and made them look like the cause of all evil will not be the right thing to do.

Occurs unless you are talking about middle easter radical, factious, extremist terrorist.

That one is accepted in our society with government approval.

Just a joke,

At least you are seen as patriotic and very American, while many of us are called all kind of names for been out of the mainstreem oh what been American means.

posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 11:02 PM

PODcast: I am a racist? (reply 1)
Reply to Grady-Marg

length: 06:26
file: ptspod_1843.mp3
size: 1546k
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 11:20 AM

I feel your voice full of frustration about the issue of illegal immigration and I agree with you, I always have agree with you in the issue but no in the type of approach you use some times.

I get frustrated also by the bad policies of our government in regard to many issues . . .

I do not feel that you are Racist at all but just very concern about the issue of illegal immigration.

I don’t use your name against you many will consider you very patriotic and a true American and that was my point. . . now that your name comes out as the same well that is just coincidence.

I find Grady very patriotic in his own believes but his board name doesn’t have American in it.

You can be Passionate about and issue and that do not have to border in Racism, Hate, obsessed or fanatism.

You can bring issues about statistics about certain things but is the way that is presented what get some edgy.

I think you have the rights to view what you see and voice what your feel and your own interpretation of what is right or wrong.

Just be careful of how you bring it on.

BTW you Spanish is adorable and I think you have a very nice and honest voice.

posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 06:33 PM
True American... I'd have to say that only you know if you are racist or not. Given that you have said that you are not, together with the fact that I have never read anything from you that I would judge as a racist remark, I don't think you're racist.

My first encounter with you was the Foreign Signs thread and I learned a lot about you and from you by just being patient and hanging in there with the discussion and I've always remembered it.

I have also been called racist on this board and I have called other people racist when I thought they were making a comment based on race, because to me, that's what racist is. Making a judgment based on race. So to me, that's not a big deal at all. It's just a matter of a person's opinion.

What concerns me (and I'm only mentioning this because it's a response to your PODcast) is what MrWupy said:

Originally posted by mrwupy
The other ten or so probably had an attitude such as yours and deserved to be killed.

Emphasis mine.

I can't believe MrWupy, who I firmly believe to be a man of peace, really feels this way and my guess is that he said it in a moment of frustration. But I do think his statement crosses the line of civility, especially since he related the the idea of people deserving to be killed to you, a fellow member. It's one thing to say someone in a news story somewhere deserves to be killed. It's another to say "people like you deserve to be killed".

In my opinion, nobody deserves to be killed for their attitude. ANY attitude.

I just want to remind you that moderators are people too and are entitled to have an express their opinions, and to make mistakes. I personally feel that MrWupy made a mistake and owes you an apology. But that's just my opinion.

I love MrWupy. He is a bright spot. I won't hold this against him because none of us is perfect.

I just wanted to come in here and give my support to you, True American, because I have been (and am) in your shoes and I know how it feels.

posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 11:32 PM

PODcast: I am a racist? (reply 2)
Reply to Marg and BH. Hey, easier to talk than type!

length: 14:20
file: ptspod_1845.mp3
size: 3358k
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 12:04 AM

I have been called a racist...a terrorist sympathizer...a soldier hater...unAmerican...and dare I say it? ... a LIBERAL!

Relax buddy. Just because you're called a thing, doesn't make it true.

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 08:23 AM
TA, yes. I think everyone has some race-based thoughts at one time or another. None of us is truly 'color-blind' (nor would I want to be).

And I agree with you about illegal immigration. As I have said before, I obey the laws of my country. Why should other people get away with and be coddled for breaking the law that I am bound to uphold? If I break the law, I will have to pay the consequences. It's not fair that people of other nations can break our laws and not receive the same punishment. It's also not fair to those who have entered this country legally.

Of course nobody said life was fair...

I love marg, too!
We have disagreed, too and we continue to have a wonderful cyber relationship.

I find the more I post in PTS, the more I like it. I can be open, forthright and even sarcastic as long as I temper it with understanding and respect. I have gotten over some real issues with other members in PTS just by moving through the uncomfortableness with them.

I hope you continue to post in PTS. I enjoy your discussions.

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 09:10 AM
Well I think everyone is motivated to a greater or lesser extent by self interest, be that individual, national or cultural but I think lately this is being construed (deliberately in some cases) as racism.

personally I think not being able to challenge, question or express doubt on an issue regarding ethnicity or culture is worse than racism, it's patronising and that always carries a subtext of veiwing the said group or individual as 'less than you'.

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 12:13 PM
Hey there TA, yes I too have been called a racist on here, quite recently I may add. And it is VERY frustrating and infuriating when someone makes a personal statement like that towards you and they have nothing to base it on. In the thread that I was all but in name called a racist the very issue of illegal immigration and the attitude of those who oppose it come up. And again I found myself defending why I am against on illegal act, amazing isn’t it? To some people you cannot be against something which his illegal without having other factors (in this case racial factors) contributing to your views. But my advice to you is to keep doing what you’re doing, bring up these topics for discussion and debate so we can try to get something done, ignoring this problem will not solve the problems and it won’t help anyone. So great job man.

BTW I too want to hear sarg Marge.

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 12:40 PM
Surely you've heard Marg's PODcast... Don't get your hopes up, it's not 26 minutes long. Her voice is as sweet as you might expect.

She's going to kill me for this!
Love you, marg!

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 12:50 PM
Thanks for that BH, should have checked the member list.

So that’s what Marge sounds like… and her voice is… um… well beautiful of course.
BTW, Westy is coming to Podcasting in a little while.

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 03:27 PM
Oh my, I am blushing here.

Thanks for the kind words people. You know BH is the one with the most beautiful voice so far in ATS occurs many people sound very nice also, but she can sing!!!!!!!!!!

TrueAmerican you have won my hart

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 08:42 PM

PODcast: I am a racist? (reply 3)
Reply to True American’s important Podcast.

length: 03:05
file: ptspod_1861.mp3
size: 2896k
status: live (at time of posting)

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