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Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal

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posted on Aug, 19 2006 @ 04:47 PM


Just after noon on Friday, July 21, Adamo Bove - head of security at Telecom Italia, the country's largest telecommunications firm - told his wife he had some errands to run as he left their Naples apartment. Hours later, police found his car parked atop a freeway overpass. Bove's body lay on the pavement some 100 feet below.

Bove was a master at detecting hidden phone networks. Recently, at the direction of Milan prosecutors, he'd used mobile phone records to trace how a "Special Removal Unit" composed of CIA and SISMI (the Italian CIA) agents abducted Abu Omar, an Egyptian cleric, and flew him to Cairo where he was tortured. The Omar kidnapping and the alleged involvement of 26 CIA agents, whom prosecutors seek to arrest and extradite, electrified Italian media. U.S. media noted the story, then dropped it.

About 16 months earlier, in March of 2005, Costas Tsalikidis, a 38-year-old software engineer for Vodaphone in Greece had just discovered a highly sophisticated bug embedded in the company's mobile network. The spyware eavesdropped on the prime minister's and other top officials' cell phone calls; it even monitored the car phone of Greece's secret service chief. Others bugged included civil rights activists, the head of Greece's "Stop the War" coalition, journalists and Arab businessmen based in Athens. All the wiretapping began about two months before the Olympics were hosted by Greece in August 2004, according to a subsequent investigation by the Greek authorities.

Tsalikidis, according to friends and family, was excited about his work and was looking forward to marrying his longtime girlfriend. But on March 9, 2005, his elderly mother found him hanging from a white rope tied to pipes outside of his apartment bathroom. His limp feet dangled a mere three inches above the floor. His death was ruled a suicide; he, like Adamo Bove, left no suicide note.

Were the two alleged suicides more than an eerie coincidence? A few media in Italy - La Stampa, Dagospia and Feltrinelli, among others -- have noted the unsettling parallels. But so far no journalists have been able to overcome the investigative hurdles posed by two entirely different criminal inquiry systems united only by two prime ministers not eager to provoke the White House's wrath. In the United States, where massive eavesdropping programs have operated since 9/11, investigators, reporters and members of Congress have not explored whether those responsible for these spying operations may be using them for partisan purposes or economic gain.

Well fist thing I need to point out is that - THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!

Especially not in this kind of cases.

And ESPECIALLY not in the case, which involves alleged War on Terror and ofcourse the good old CIA.

And ESPECIALLY if it involves Illegal Wire-Tapping, which has probably grown to be much, Much, MUCH more widespread then first thought.

Suicides my Butt!

Well - "Yew R Either Wit US, or Yew're Wit Z'Terrorizsts!", right?


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posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 05:40 AM
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm - no posts.

Why am I not Surprised?

posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 06:14 AM
Just saw this thread, nice find indeed

Might as well add these 2 to that other strange deaths thread going on.Its a a damm shame that not even the Italien Government will do a proper investigation and that they seem afraid of the Us Government.

posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 06:37 AM
Damn dude this post needs a ...


If more people read this, they would start to see just how far and wide the arm of the NSA reaches. And just how deadly its forces are if crossed and acted against.

A terrible fate awaits those guilty of the murders I hope. for that is what they are, murderers.

posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by D4rk Kn1ght

If more people read this, they would start to see just how far and wide the arm of the NSA reaches. And just how deadly its forces are if crossed and acted against.

You have to be joking, there is nothing to see here, time to move along.

The source obviously does not know their head from their butt, nor do they take time to get their facts right before publishing it to the internet.

Article posted on the 19.

Then it states "Just after noon on Friday, July 21, Adamo Bove".

Hello the 21st was on Sunday.

This is nothing but speculation and disinformation from yet another one of those so called human rights groups

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