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Ask for Venom, Aquilon, Super Venom

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posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 09:58 AM
According to what I knew, the Venom(DeHavilland DH-115) has quite difference from Vampire so be called Venom as a new name. If you type Venom to search in airlines, there is no result thereas type Vampire, that showing so many Venom, even with Aquilon.Why Airlines made such mistake?
This web mentioned Super Venom. I want more informations, who can teach me? Maybe you can show me a mockup of SuperVenom!

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 12:23 PM
Hello emile, the Venom was only meant to be an interim type but the failure of the Swift and problems turning the Hunter into a ground attack aircraft meant they stayed in service much longer than intended.

The Venom was first planned as the 'Vampire FB.8' but as it acquired a new wing and new engine and fuselage it was given a new name.

Here's an impression of how the Super Venom might have looked if it had been bought for the RN.

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 05:07 AM
I forgot to add (if you're still interested) that the last Venoms in front line service were those of the Swiss Air Force and they were equivalent to the RAF's FB.4 version. They weren't retired until 1982, which is almost unbelievable for a makeshift aircraft that was built partly from balsa wood!

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 06:51 AM
Yes, this is surprising me! I think few of jet aircraft were built by wood, so few that I couldn't calculate how many there are. Very important information

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 02:46 PM
I am I the only one who thinks it looks like a Grumman Cougar?

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 06:13 PM
Since you mention it there is a vague similarity, mainly thanks to the wing profile. Of course this was a side by side two seater, which the Cougar never was, the Cougar never had a T-tail and the jet pipe is much longer than any Cougar variant ever had. The nose and intakes were inherited straight from the Vampire and Venom night fighters, so being clinical about it, there is nothing thats the same. But I agree it definitely gives an impression of the Cougar, the Super Venom would have been bigger though, about halfway between the Venom and Sea Vixen in size.

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 10:48 PM
@ Waynos

What is the before mentioned "Aquilon"?

Thanks in advance

posted on Aug, 26 2006 @ 11:42 PM
Aquilon, I think, that just the name Franch Navy given to the Venom they built by licence. Waynos will come to tell you what I lost. cheers

posted on Aug, 27 2006 @ 08:17 AM
Thats right, the Aquilon was the French version of the Sea Venom, built by SNCASE (later Sud Aviation) the Aquilon 201 was identical to the Sea Venom FAW.20, the Aquilon 202 was the same as the FAW.22 and the Aquilon 204 was the trainer model of the 202.

A version that was unique to France however was the Sud developed Aquilon 203 which was a single seater all weather fighter with American APQ 94 radar and a new sliding canopy for the single pilot.

This photo below shows an Aquilon 203 on the deck of the 'Clemenceau' circa 1961;

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