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The Buddhist Monk Fist Fight Conspiracy

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 01:58 PM
It seems to me that people have grown increasingly angry and volatile of late. I live in a relatively peaceful city and this past week alone I’ve seen four near accidents due to road rage, two full on fistfights on downtown sidewalks, and multiple shouting matches in local stores. Combined with the acts of aggression occurring locally, I was starting to wonder if there is an outside force applying some sort of pressure on humans as a whole?

Then I saw this today:

Protesters calling for an end to recent violence in Sri Lanka found themselves brawling with hard-line Buddhist monks on Thursday, after a rally dubbed a “peace protest” turned unexpectedly violent.

(Here's the whole article: Monks Brawl at Sri Lanka Peace Protest)

I'm telling you, something's afoot.

Here's my theory:

Under the direction of EU superman and popular probable antichrist Javier Solana, a secret society has developed a small device that emits a high frequency transmission. These small devices are no larger than a laptop and are manufactured in mass quantities. The devices are activated, wrapped as packages, then mailed all over the world via FedEx or UPS. When the packages arrive at their destination they are immediately shipped back to their destination, where they are received and reshipped, and on, and on.

The frequency, of course, is undetectable to everyone, but is like a gnat in the ear of every single person walking the earth. Soon, covered by an inescapable net of their own delivery vehicles, the human race becomes epically annoyed and begins to take it out on each other.

The result is a world in turmoil. Not just global wars, but petty squabbles at every turn. In time, an individual (guess who?) steps up and promises peace. The transmitters are deactivated during his public appearances, and during the major peace efforts he organizes. Soon, people associate peace with this individual. Soon, he is the head of the New World Order because he has brought peace to not only the nations of this earth, but he has delivered respite personally to every individual...providing even the most vigilante antichrist-watchers a subliminal love for the man.

Or something like that…

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 02:19 PM
This topic is being discussed here. Feel free to add to that thread.


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