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"An interim period between wars "

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posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 10:23 AM
we are in an interim period between wars - JPOST
"The [kidnapped] soldiers weren't returned home, the Hizbullah was not disarmed … Right now, we are [merely] in an interim period between wars," Netanyahu warned. "And there is no one who will prevent our enemies from rearmed and preparing for the next round."

Thats a pretty unusual approach to take to a peace agreement, figuring its going to disolve, and using this time to better prepare for the enemies that will mass...

I didnt quite understand how both teams could be so definate in there demands, yet neither of them go what they want..
and yet theyve agreed to stop the shooting? why couldnt this be decided in the begining...

Surely the scope of damage and conflict we have seen, was easily predicted by hezbollah and Co.. so what was the point really? why allow your staging ground to be stomped on, and your countries collateral damage turned as a PR compaign against you?

Tonights news showed u a segment where the deathtolls from each side were read out in front of there countries flag,
but we didnt hear one word about the israeli prisoners in Gaza or Lebanon.

We have missing egyptians in the USA, we have attempted plane bombings in England, Civil War in the Pile of crap that is Iraq, more bodybags coming from Afghanistan, two regionally involved middleastern countries for the past month have been lobbing rockets at each other, we've got Iran and the mascarade of a courtroom from the corporate media against them...

how did we go so far from a country in the clinton era, not so much in all his decisions, but in the natural evolution of the technology venture, communications.. we evolved so quickly...
Our Economies have so highly tuned them selves, they've started to strain.
Its $450,000 AVERAGE PRICE for a house in Perth, Western Australia.
compared to two years ago, when that same house would be $200,000.

worldwide interest rates are up, cost of living has drastically increased,

Yet, when we look at the Bank CEO's, and the oil CEO's, the Corporate CEO's...
all we see are greedy, self involved evil people.
While life gets harder, they get riched.

Notice how oil can now be predicted?
" be ware , there's going to be a increase in petrol costs this week "
When did that happen?
Why did the OIL price rise, in the begining of the war, yet hasnt fallen back?
The same with katrina?

its like this worlds fragile global harmonic balance has sprung so tight, its enevitable to leak, and ripple in certain area's..

we cant control our economies manipulating the international situation.
That is why I believe the Israeli's, like many posters on this board dont seriously beleive that this ceasefire is going to be the case in a short amount of time.
IT might be aheard to,
but realistically, when there's international troops, in a foreign land, after having destroyed, murdered and maimed, the resistance in that land isnt goign to disarm, walk away, leave its trump cards and not take revenege.

posted on Aug, 14 2006 @ 11:01 AM
Netanyahu is a bigot and a right wing zealot. He's also in the Knesset opposition, so he's out to make Olmert look bad. I'd take what he has to say with a grain of salt.


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