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The Jump...

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 08:46 PM
Us as luminous beings... spirit beings, non-corpreal(sp?) beings...non-physical..

I would like to start this off with the following.

It has been mentioned that (soberly) many peoples have witnessed things that are still unexplainable, unknowable and ultimately unknown.
I will cherry pick some things I find interesting.. perhaps with quotes and externals but I don't have access to some other than my memory.

1) [Memory] I recall watching a video about indigenous tribes, not sure from where (part of world) but one anthropologist(sp?) and not quite sure of his profession but I know he wasn't just some yaahooo and the indigenous tribe said he could witness a ceremony where apparently he was to see them call their ancestors out of the mountains... skeptical he sat and watched them prepare and initiate and boom, zaoey, kablooey, he saw person after person, group after group of people, actual people materialize out of the mountain... he was absolutely baffled and said he wouldn't return and was none-too-pleased to try any of their concoctions (entheogen mixtures) or their shamanistic ways or beliefs.

2) [Documented] / [Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan]
This is more well known among some people... but to those who don't.. this isn't something he's written, not in his books. Members of his inner circle (Carlos) said that they witnessed 'The Three Witches' Jump off of a cliff, and never hit bottom. The same fashion as Don Juan and Don Genaro in Carlos' books...

I will only give two examples now, because I want to quote some information concerning atleast Don Juan and Carlos' experience.

Don Juan took me by the arm and in a playful manner led me to where don Genaro was sitting. Don Genaro stood up and came closer to me. His body radiated a heat that I could see, a glow which dazzled me. He came to my side and without touching me he put his mouth close to my left ear and began to whisper. Don Juan also began whispering in my other ear. Their voices were synchronized. They were both repeating the same statements.

They said that I should not be afraid, and that I had long powerful fibers, which were not there to protect me, for there was nothing to protect, or to be protected from; but that they were there to guide my 'nagual's' perception in very much the same way my eyes guided my normal 'tonal's' perception. They told me that my fibers were all around me, that through them I could perceive everything at once, and that one single fiber was enough for a leap from the rock into the ravine, or up from the ravine to the rock.

I had listened to everything they had whispered. Every word seemed to have had a unique connotation for me. I could retain every utterance and then play it back as if I were a tape recorder.

[although I understand this might fit better in Paranormal] I find this fits into the religeous conspiracies because it is a religeous conspiracy that we are two seperate entities, that we are somehow else-where a spiritual being but not always a spiritual being. (Heaven is inside, and already all around us)[Gospel of St. Thomas] ... .

I was hoping some other people could come up with some unknowable, or misunderstood happenings... or perhaps just a comment on the unknown in your life..

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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:29 PM
Well, there is the Fatima, Portugal case where thousands of onlookers witnessed a "miracle", although many researchers of the paranormal believe it could have been a UFO incident.

posted on Sep, 12 2006 @ 05:06 PM
Well, miracles are just things people are capable of doing but people can't explain with our current scientific knowledge..

Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs are apparently new-age sorcerers with old-age knowledge....
They've witnessed and done things that are highly unexplainable... it would be nice for some people to research it.. its quite interesting.

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