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Masons and Conspiracists what's in your library?

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posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 12:48 AM
No matter the vew point of all posters on this forum I am sure what we read is all relative. I am curious what you have in your library (occult/masonry/religious). Please seperate a top five set that are your absolute favorites. Also whats on your top want list?

Here's mine as follows:

TOP FIVE (at the moment)
1)Cloak & Cipher (all real accounts of use of code through history)
2)The Bahir (Book of Illumination which is an old Kabbalah works)
3)48 Laws of Power (banned in most jail systems all about gaining power in manipulative ways)
4)Parkers Astrology (very large detailed account on astrology)
5)Freemasonry and it Ancient Mystic Rites (closest thing touching on beyond theory)

The Freemasons Illustrated
Freemasonry for Dummies
Kabbalah by Gershom Scholem
Dictionary of Freemasonry
Leonardo Davinci's Notebooks
The Crusades
Mystery of the Eucharist
Modern Cosmology and Philosophy
1000 Faces of God
Extraordinary Gathering of Angels
Beginnings in Ritual Studies - Grimes
Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation)
KJV Bible
Various Prayer Books

I am really interested in getting the Talmud as well as all the ancient gnostic books.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 07:24 PM
Top 5

Magic and Mystery in Tibet
The Occult (Colin Wilson)
The View Over Atlantis
Morning of the Magicians

You know that you're asking for a heckuva task, don't you, Masonite? My wife and I jointly own probably 3000 books . . . .

Some of My favorite holdings:

Qabalah related

Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism (G. Scholem)
The Bahir
Sha'arey Or (Gates of Light, another Qabalistic text)
Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation " . . .")
Parashat Pinas (" ")
The Mystical Qabalah (Dione Fortune)
The Middle Pillar (Regardie)
The Holy Kabalah (A.E. Waite)
Bere#h Raba
Meditation and Kabbalah (Aryeh Kaplan)
Qaballah Unveiled (MacGregor Mathers)
Liber 777 (Crowley)
Biblical Numerics (E.W. Bullinger)

Alchemy Related
(I have a jillion reprints downloaded off the Interenet; these are the best books)

Three volumes of Occult philosophy
The Jewish Alchemists
ALchemy (Holmyard)
Alchemy rediscovered and Restored (Cockren)
New Alchemical Light I & II (Sendivogius)
Alchemy: The Great Work (Cherry Gilchrist)
Chinese Alchemy (J.C. Cooper)
Commentary on the Mutus Liber (Adam McLean)
Compendium of Alchemical Processes
Encyclopedia of Symbols
The foundations of Newton's alchemy: The Hunting of the Green Lyon (B.J. Dobbs)
and many more . . .

Masonry Related

Encyclopedias of FM; Mackey, Waite
Born in Blood
The Monks of War
The Templars
The Fourth Crusade
the Golden Dawn (Regardie)

Assorted Occult

Psychic Self-Defense (Dione Fortune)
Volume 4 (Crowley)
Tao Te Ching
I Ching
The White Goddess
(Many works by richard cavendish)
A history of Witchgraft (Montague Summers)
The Book of the Subgenius
Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage (Mathers)
The Unexplained
Black Pullet
PowWows, or: Long Lost Friend (George Hohman)

and many more

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