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posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 09:46 AM
First I love RANT;
second I need to unload before I commit a crime.
We have made a very bad choice of neighborhood to live in, hickville, did I spell that right?. We are both globetrotters my husband less of a roamer then I but we are adventures out going people.
We love to meet new people, learn about their lives, see new places, we cherish diversity.
Just recently we moved half way around the world to challenge ourselves, we could only afford to move in to a mobil-home park. We thought a home was a home. Oh Lord forgive me, I never realized how narrow minded, ignorant, self absorbed and prejudice poor people can be.

After they found out we have no intention of bowing to their mediocre life style
(read: don't read books, don't express true joy,
don't discuss subjects that haven't been broadcasted on national television,
gossip unceasingly,
lock all your doors all the time,
agree with us that every one else is wrong,
always complain about something,
don't have friends that earn more than we do,
never speak directly to person of what ever it is you don't agree with them upon,
don't show us your different lifestyle,
eat the same food we do
for Gods sake don't use words with more than two syllables);
Now, we are being accused of being criminals, my neighbor who has more time in jail than out said to my face " I don't know what went wrong where you came from since you had to move here":bnghd:
The Queen Bee of the court is our next door neighbor she/ they where very friendly the first year. I knew she had a reputation as trouble maker so I made point of being overly courteous, but it is hard to wipe out decades of travel experience, one views the world and people with an open mind and perhaps more clearly.
Do we come out as arrogant, perhaps.
Well even though this foul creature weighs more than 400 pounds, hardly ever walks more than a few feet at a time, she manages to influence the opinions of every single person in the court.
I think people are afraid she'll fall on them
This fat hideously ugly thing curses the birds for singing, when she disagrees with someone she calls them Satan's sperm, yes, sperm.
We have had many an argument, before her "silence" (she gives people the silent treatment), where I would sternly express my disagreement. Kindly but very precise.
Now we are the bad guys, no one says hello any more people look the other way.
My husband is about to give it all up. $ 100.000 + and 3 years of planning, wasted.

I hate her she is evil, forgive me Lord, I wish she'd choke on junk food,I hope her husband will have to have a custom made casket for her, that he'll need a crane to transport her to the cemetery where he has had to purchase two lots just for her.
I hope her every moment left here is painful, that every one she has relied on turns their back on her, that she never receives a smile, that no one will ever again listen to her complaints. I hope she never reincarnates cause I may have her as a chicken dinner.
I hope our jail bird neighbor can't sleep at night that he is haunted by endless dreams of never reaching what he really wants, that he is stalked by foul hideous creatures every time his eyes close. that he becomes so paranoid he can't find courage to walk out his door.
I hope the people who ignore us will forever be outcast, that they will never find friendliness.
All this said I pray God forgive me because it just shows I have a long way to go and am no better than those whom I condemn

I loath myself for my pitiful reactions my, I pretend to be good until someone steps on my toes and I transform into a raging werewolf.:bash:
How do I cope with this in a civilized manner, how do I transform my anger my fear my hurt feelings.
Thanks for listening.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 12:38 PM
Yes, that does SUCK. Big-time. But almost anyone in the U.S. (I'm assuming you're from elsewhere) could have told you that a trailer park will not be the Hamptons. (Personally, I'd be more comfortable with the people in a trailer park than the snobs in the Hamptons, but I digress).

Can you move? I mean, even if you just walk away and leave Chateau de Trailer abandoned, it would beat living with refugees from a bad "Cops" episode.

Hope it all works out for you. I can't think of too many things worse than living in an area where you're miserable.

[edit on 8/11/2006 by yeahright]

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 03:24 PM
Thank you Yeah,
We are to proud to give in to their behaviour. We have a two year plan, can we adjust to the very different conditions here or must we return, so we don't wish to up our investment before we are sure.
That was one reason we bought a trailer, cheap low rent and easy to get rid of. And if we do just leave it behind the expense hasn't been that bad.

I am an American citizen by birth and this hurts me immensely. I have finally come home and ... oh well.
Where we came from the working class is well educated, of course some people will always be scum but generally there is no distinction between the different income levels.
I am amazed how unbelievable ignorant and prejudice people are. Illiterate.
And they
PROUD of being stupid.:bnghd:

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 04:23 PM
Yes there are pockets of ignorance and prejudice everywhere. Ever see Jerry Springer? Or the aforementioned "Cops"? There are plenty of people who are so proud of their ignorance they're willing to display it for public consumption.

Go figure.

I know you were just ranting and weren't asking for advice, but if I were you, I'd just leave 'em all alone. Nod and say "Hi" occasionally, even if you're ignored. It's their problem, not yours.

Hang in there.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by WalkInSilence
I never realized how narrow minded, ignorant, self absorbed and prejudice poor people can be.

I apologize to those who are unfortunate. The poor in our world. Poverty does not equal indecency. I wish to replace the word poor in the above sentence with "...less educated".
I too wish to emphasize, knowledge is not measured by the years one has spent in school, but by how you have handled life what you have learned from it.
I have encountered many narrow minded scholars.

Yeah, I need all the compassionate advice I can get. Thanks.

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