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NWO is falling apart

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posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 11:27 AM
The globalist plan for the centralization of global power, often referred to as the New World Order, is falling apart, and has no chance of succeeding now, and they know it. They desperately try to continue onwards with their desired agendas, but in their hearts they know they are fighting a losing battle.

So much light and truth is shining on Planet Earth, its an honor to be living here at this time. We are gonna be alive to witness the crumbling of one civilization, and the birthing of another much better one, free from the grasp of dark forces. We are seeing the last stages of this cycle and the clearing out of old energies. Very soon this world is going to Ascend into a Golden Age of peace, abundance, and most of all, TRUE freedom.

It doesnt look like it on the physical level yet, but realize this battle between light and dark is taking place on many levels.

Many many people, millions and millions of people, have awaken and tuned in to the truths, and are ready to take action to remove the corrupt elite...all they need is the right event to spark them. I believe that time is coming soon.

The people of planet Earth have had enough. For milleniums, we have been constantly at war and in conflict with each other. For centuries, we have been in a constant state of fear stress and depression, lacking identity because we were out of tune with the universe, thanks to the deceptions of the dark. We have had enough. We want peace and freedom, we want to control our own destinies, we dont want to e under the control of a system that rapes and plunders the earth and its people while daring to claim to be working for good. We want change.

And that change is coming. The energy momentum cannot be stopped now. Soon, we shall see and end to the globalists and all their control mechanisms. Soon we shall see the people rise up and take back the power and wealth that has been stolen from them over a period of 6 thousand years.

To all the dark forces, the Bushs, the Cheneys, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Windsors, the Kissingers, the Blairs, the Clintons, and all the other minions of dark, witting or unwittingly, its time to come to the light. Its time to release your dark control over this Earth. Its time to find the spark of light from Creator Source within you, and put and end to this madness that threatens to wipe out the planet and all life on it.

To all the Lightworkers out there, who have fought directly or indirectly against the forces that try to control us, thank you for your courage and your determination to stand tall in your truth, and spread it far and wide. Thank those who fight directly against the dark forces, you are doing Gods work. People like Patrick Fitzgerald, Alex Jones, George Schultz, David Icke, Myron Fagan, Jordan Maxwell, Anthony Hilder, Greg Palast, David Schippers, all the people in the 911 Truth movement, John Buchanon, and all the other lightworkers out there. Thank you for your dedication to the human race.

To all the people on this board who speak their truth, Souljah, Vaak, Dbates, All Seeing Eye, Billybob, ConspiracyNut 23, Shane and all the other truthspeakers I didnt mention, thanks for your work and keep it up. Dont let the attacks of the ignorant stop you from speaking your truth.

This NWO is falling apart, its only a matter of time. More and more people wake up everyday to the corruption around them. Its only a matter of time before it becomes too much, and the people will be forced to take action.

Globalist Illuminati scum, your days are over.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 11:54 AM
I hope you are right BUT remember that these illuminati NWO creeps believe in "order out of chaos". One can't help but think they are releasing this information to rile up the profane, stir the masses, feed the revolutions, enrage the common frustrated man who will all work to destroy this system leading to mass death, famine, economic collapse, war, etc. THEN "they" (NWO) get to step in and be heroes offering another solution that the people will embrace with open arms.
This new system will be even worse.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 12:00 PM
Jup either that or a nucliar war, with the signs that are going on now, i think the latter and the worst is about to come to pass.
As for the rest, you are right, they are losing grounds every single day, but that's when the enemy will gain power.
don't really know what the saying was again, but you know, with an animal that is treatened and can't go anywhere and is actually getting more powerfull because it's scared and has bnothing to lose?

In that case i think it means: BOOM BABY!
But seeing that we know jack of whats going on, i wouldn't rule anything out

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 01:57 PM
Of course it is! Don't you watch films? the bad guys always die in the end!

Who do you think will save us?

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 03:43 PM
well, i personally think some orks from the future will come in there dragonshaped space crafts and save us from the reptillian alien who have taken the form of world leaders and terrorist leaders to make an NWO and distroy us for there food purposes.
these orks have an alliance with the elve race, who have the protoss ships from starcraft, cause the guys got taken aboard on of there ships and thats where they got the idea because in the future that is trully whats happening.
Cause the zerg are actually a pre-species of reptillians.
But back to the story, i think they will bomb the NWO guys with chocolate projectiles and they will eat themselves to death and we win.

Another option is that Marloes will save us, don't know how, i'll ask her later.

Or maybe leprechauns will save us and take us to there magical land with there raibow rides...

But then again..i am a total wackjob so i wouldn't put much credit into this

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