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Nonsense prophecies!

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 09:54 PM
I just wanted to have a quick rant about the rubbish that seems to keep getting posted on this forum lately. Honestly, it's getting as bad as the UFO forum, we'll be seeing threads about how people's neighbours are hybrids next

Might as well start my diatribe with a classic - you can't take anything Nostradamus said seriously. He did not predict Hitler, he predicted Hister. In case you can't read, Hister is not Hitler. It does sound similar I admit, but that is all it is, similar.

Mabus does not mean Sadam, nor does it mean Osama. It means Mabus. If someone called Mabus does not emerge as the third antichrist, then he didn't get it right.

Nostradamus explicity stated that in July 1999, the "great king of the sky" would appear. He did not, therefore we can safely assume that Nostradamus got this wrong and this casts doubt over everything else he said.

Bible Codes
Every day it seems, the Bible Codes predict some new calamity, usually related to comets or nuclear war. None of them - absolutely none of them - have ever come true, so what does that tell us about them - it tells us that they are BS is what.

Any Bible Codes that are said to have occured have been little more than the usual COMET-DESTRUCTION-COAST-DEATH jazz that can literally be interpreted as anything considering the amount of them that exist on any given page.

Brian's bloody Dreams
For God's sake, this man is a nutjob yet he somehow still keeps getting taken seriously. None of his predications have come true, major American cities and shopping malls that are supposed to have been destroyed (usually by terrorists) are still standing. Like Nostradamus, the very fact that he gets so much wrong casts huge doubts over everything else.

John Titor
Yeah right, because a time traveller would spend his days posting messages on an internet forum. Come on people, have you taken leave of your senses devoting a 20+ page thread to this obvious and blatant hoax?.

It's easy for a person to take a look at what is happening in society and say what they think will happen to it. However, the "many Waco-style incidents" due to occur from 2004 - 2008 have not happened. The American civil war is due to start in 2008, that leaves eighteen months for the whole thing to kick off. It just isn't going to happen.

While I do believe that a civil war is possible considering the current state of affairs in the US, that's a fairly logical, if slightly hysterical, assumption to make for anyone who reads the newspapers and can take photos of a few boxes in the back of a car with some quantum mechanics thrown in.

Okay that's my rant over, it's just annoying that so much rubbish gets posted on here when there are many more interesting prophets who's work really has come true that never get a mention on here, for example Mitar Taranovic, Vanna, Matthias Stromburger etc, and not to mention the Hopi or Stalking Wolf. Some of these people have so little written about them that it's annoying when I see people wasting their energies researching and writing about things that any logical mind can tell you is crap, especially when a collective effort at examining one of the lesser known prophet might well reveal new information that very few people know

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