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Anti-semitic atmosphere. Why?

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 10:29 PM
Hello xmotex.

Opinion of the question at hand? Not the current Israeli offensive into Lebanon.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 11:04 PM
Well, my opinion on the question at hand is that the current situation is stirring up general anti-Jewish sentiment, along with genuine objections with Israeli policy.

It's an interesting situation, because thougn Israel sees itself as the "Jewish state", most Jews don't live there. So you now have Jews in general becoming targets of blame for policies they have little to do with.

It's easy to escape any argument about Israeli policy with accusations of anti-semitism, because anti-semitism is the particular predjudice responsible for the singular horror of our time, the NAZI extermination campaigns in WW2. And there is the fact that there is some genuine Jew hating slipping into the mix of criticism of Israel to point to as well.

So it's an easy tactical move for Israel's defenders, one that shuts down an argument and muzzles the opponent, often without regard for whether the person's opposition to Israeli policy is actually based on an appraisal of the facts or on simple religious bias.

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 11:12 PM
Thank you for the coherent post.

I'm afraid that the Jewish/Zionist conspiracies have been so ingrained into almost
everyones' culture throughout the ages that Jewish folk may have this stigma for a long, long time to come.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 08:25 PM
Since the meaning of the word anti-semite has been is question, I would like to put forth
that the original meaning of the word has been altered to it's current meaning.
Technically the word semite defines a family of languages circa the Middle-East. As a previous poster had noted.

But it is quite apparent that it has been molded throughout the years. This is not a rare
occurence as many words change meaning through out their use. Some examples

So for the purpose of this thread the term anti-semite will be understood to mean

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 08:39 PM
but they are all descended from noah's son, shem, the person from whom the word "semite" is derived. i think that makes it very clear that it is more than just a family of languages.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 08:54 PM
According the Wiki link it originally covered the languages and was then extended to
include cultures and ethnicities. Since the topic at hand is the prevalant brandishing of
the term anti-semite, currently, and the meaning of that term, currently, as I
showed above, should allow us to continue with this discussion.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 10:31 PM
you can continue with the discussion for eternity for all i care. nobody is stopping you. however, i will never agree that the word "semite" is only describing jews just because the nazis decided to use it in that context. your own source shows that the word is derived from the name shem, son of noah, and father of arabs and hebrews alike.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 10:42 PM
Well snafu, you can berate me over and over again about the derivation of the word semite even though I agree with you.

It looks to me like the term coming to mean solely jew was jewish use of word. Escpecially the AIPAC. Not the nazis.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 10:47 PM
hey, it's all you bud. i said what i had to say back on page one and then left it alone after the threads author asked people to divert their attention back to the question without involving the semantics of semitic (pun intended).

your the one who brought it back up.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:02 PM
LOL great pun!

I am the thread's author, and I brought it up to clarify the meaning of the word for the
thread because i thought it might of been stifling some of the discussion.

Listen, I don't want to argue with you or attribute to putting a wall between us for future discussions.

I love you man

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by nextguyinline
I am the thread's author, and I brought it up to clarify the meaning of the word for the thread because i thought it might of been stifling some of the discussion.

now dont i look like an ass for not scrolling back to check the author.

sorry....i'll go see if i can pry my foot out of my mouth now.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:13 PM
I'll lend you my foot removal tool. Works great and the handle is very worn down
after all these years.

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:27 PM
I don't know anyone who is confusing the issue of what the state of Israel is doing and prejudice for -- or against -- Jews.

I know it must exist because so many people talk about it every day, all over the web.

Personally, where I see it used is where people are defending all of Israel's actions against its neighbors -- often without knowing much about those actions -- and simply answer those who don't agree with charges of anti-Semitism.

A Jewish friend of mine tried to point this out on a very active blog run by a Jewish woman defending Israel and his post was deleted and he was blocked.

There is no doubt some people think an attack on Israel is an attack on the entire race/religion.

But it is not.

Israel has done some very evil thing to its neighbors and has reaped the results. The PR efforts of the Israelis have been so successful in the US that many people will go on and on about "suicide bombers" but be oblivious to all the murders and abuse by Israelis. For instance, in the past 6 years, Palestinians have killed just under a thousand Israelis, while Israelis have killed just under three thousand eight hundred Palestinians.

Even bringing up that fact in some circles will get you labeled anti-Semitic. But it's just fact.

There is some question in the current conflict as to where the IDF solders were when they were "kidnapped." Reports in other (not US) media indicate the soldiers were inside Lebanon. That would somewhat change the perspective on the event, no?

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:41 PM
it was blatantly obvious that he meant semite as an Euphemism, and debating somantics is for lawyers. thats just my opinion.

on topic now we have a war going on over there. a couple in fact. and the US is involved. to a lot of people over there US = Isreal = The devil. that accounts for some of it. A lot of people just love to hate Isreal to begin with and are looking for an excuse.

and of course i didnt say it in my post, but reading the post above mine it might appear that way, i am not 'one of those people' (that hold every Jew on planet earth responsible for the actions of a government). i am just relating how the 'hate spreads'.

[edit on 8-8-2006 by jprophet420]

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:48 PM
Mr_Peel and Jprohet, thank you for your input.

If anything derives (theres that word again :mad
from this post it will most
definately be that there is an issue here and it needs to be addressed.

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 12:13 AM
anti semetic atmosphere ?

how do molecules of oxygen , nitrogen and carbon dioxide know or care if some one is jewish ??

and even if they did -- how would they act on thier predudice ??

anti semetic atmosphere ?? -- sounds like a lot of hot air to me

peanuts on the other hand , are vindictive -- they DELIBERATLY lodge themselves in the throats of thier enemies

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 12:15 AM
Those darn peanuts. I think their close cousins are even worse. Popcorn kernel shells

: changed there to their

[edit on 9-8-2006 by nextguyinline]

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 01:05 AM
Could someone explain to me why we need a word for hate-towards-jews, isn't the word Racism, good enough for them?

If someone does something bad to a black person, it's Racism
If someone does something bad to a Jew it's Anti Semitism
If someone does something bad to me, s**t happens, no one cares, Why because i'm a White, Straight "Christian*" man... to hate crimes can be commited against us... why is it so?

Could we just stop using the anti semitic card and just say that there might be a slight Racist athmosphere around...

*Raised as a Christian, not a true believer, but i do believe in Lutherian values

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:33 AM
Just want to point out, the issue of anti-Semitism has been so muddled up, the true Semites were the Arabs who came from Sumer. Their origins can be traced back to Sumer (Sum-ARIAN) around 5000BC. The vast majority of Jews, on the other hand, came from the Caucasus Mountains and parts of Russia. They didn't come from Canaan. Anti-Semitic actually means "anti-Arab". The phrase is based on a deception, and these days is nothing more than a smear word. A pretext for racism.

I firmly believe the plight of the Jews is based on a cruel, horrible deception, covered up in our history books. Everyone has been decieved. Denial is natural. I can empathise with that. Nobody likes to admit that all their lives, what they were brought up to believe as true was a fat filthy lie. It's ok to feel that denial. To feel betrayed. The Jewish race actually came from the Caucasus region and not Israel at all (there's also the possibility the Babylonians made up the story of Moses and the Israelites / exodus in the Bible) - the whole sad situation we are in could well be based on a deception rooted so far back, it's impossible to turn back the clock and change it.

The Star Of David is not a Jewish symbol - it originated from Egypt and black magic rituals and passed along through the druids and satanists to the Bauer family which became the Rothschilds - the reason it is on Israel's flag is to show that the Rothschilds created it and they control it - and they also have the power to destroy it. They have no care nor concern for the Jewish people.

The Jewish people are not to blame for anything - they have been made scapegoats for all evil since the dawn of time itself - puppets of the Illuminati - giving the Jews a bad name to take the heat off their own evil doings. The Illuminati don't pick sides - they silently manipulate both sides and they don't care who they hurt, as long as the end result serves their own ends. History has shown they funded the Nazis. World War 1, Treaty of Versailles, the Balfour Declaration - all initiated / manipulated by the Rothschilds. Right now I would safely assume they are once again stirring up the chaos factor, reaping the financial and geopolitical rewards from their sorry war machine - selling and distributing arms to Iran & Syria, Hezbollah (by proxy of I & S), North Korea.. arming them up to the hilt. It's sickening. And once again, the Jews are conveniently bearing the brunt of the wider deception.

So, next time you see someone post a message of hate towards whoever, take a step outside the box here. Surely you don't want to buy into this game? Surely you don't want to play it the way they want you to play it? All this confusion, conflict, chaos, distraction.. you're just like chess pieces to them. Everything from the dawn of our time on here on Earth has been wrapped in confusion and deception. The sooner we wake up to all of this, the sooner the game and the bloodshed will stop. But like I said, we are all so confused and at odds with eachother and so deeply rooted in our history, it's impossible to go back and make that change. The only way to solve this, is not through guns, not through religious nor political appeasement or diplomacy - you see, all of this is bullsh1t. The UN is bullsh1t - we all knew this anyway, right? The only way to solve this is to expose these 'unseen' string-pullers for the evil doers they are. The more people who awaken to this and not get so hung up on "defining anti-semitism via Wikipedia b.s" (that's all a distraction based on confusion at the core anyway), the better for us all as a human race.

posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 09:18 AM
As with many words in language, whatever the original meaning of the term 'anti-semitism,' it has now altered into one form of something that I believe to be very dangerous.
I would like to point out that I am by no way racist, nor do I hold prejudices against anyone.

Over recent years political correctness has begun to govern everything covering our world. How many world leaders are trying to figure out ways of addressing these events without being labelled the most heinous of hate criminals, an anti semitic?

We may have a war that is developing due to religious beliefs, but it is being carried out by two states, surely Israel can be commented on as a country, not an entire religion? Or is this too much to ask in the 21st century political world?

I am not trying to make accusations in this post, I just hope that the powers that be can avoid being blinkered by past events and deal with the situation as is.

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