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9-11 Commission frustrated with Bush Administration, Norad, FAA & Pentagon

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 11:36 AM
Note: I typed this while you were responding "Duhh" so I apologize if I repeat some points of yours.

Graff at least you’re not questioning the Report anymore, good, we’re making progress.

Now, the "Memogate" and this are very different. Dan Rather and other produces/staff (and to an extent CBS) got in trouble (retired/fired) because they asserted that the "Killian documents" had been taken from Lt. Col. Killian’s "personal files" and that they had been fully authenticated by independently hired CBS experts. Both claims were found to be false after an investigation, the people in question aired the report even though they knew that the "documents" had not been authenticated and their source not be confirmed and that they could be possible fakes. This is entirely different from the Reuters case.

Reuters was not aware that the photo was altered, after they were made aware of this fact they immediately withdrew the photo, suspended the photographer and ordered an investigation, unlike CBS. That is why you cannot hold Reuters responsible in this instance unless you can prove that they knew beforehand the photo was doctored.

I know some people are biased against certain news organization because of what they choose to report, and sometimes that may be justified, however you have no business questioning the news content of said organization unless you can reasonably prove/show that they knowingly publish false information.

Now, hopeful that covers this particular tangent and in the interest of staying
can we get back to the original purpose of this thread?

Sources Used

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Source (5)

[edit on 8-8-2006 by WestPoint23]

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 01:07 PM
Yes thank you for that last statement Westpoint, although the little reuters/rathergate discussion did get more play than my original post, can we get back to discussing the Original Thread Topic.

OK readyyyyyy go!!

posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 01:27 PM
Sorry to get off topic. I see what you guys are saying though. Bad analogy.

Back to your regularly scheduled thread topic....

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