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Cybergeist-The Revolution of the Mind!

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 07:48 PM
Check it out and let me know what you all think...
link to video

Here is an interesting piece. Part 1 of a session of two intellects. Very interesting for those interested in social issues and how they are rooted in the history of our world. What will be next? Will we destroy ourselves? Who is this secret society ruling America?

The two folks in dialouge here are good friends of mine that i often love to discuss dense matters with over some drinks. These guys are versed in history, philosophy, rhetoric and social theory etc. as you can tell from the discussion. The discussion was longer then this... it went on for probably an hour. What you have here is only a few minutes of it.

filmed by Ruben Barrera (a good friend and business partner from HYVIZ studios) an idea thought of by the 4 of us... the two in the vid, Ruben and I. This is just the start or beggining of a grand idea we have. Next week there will be an entirely different discussion with different topics... so stay tuned.

to touch on slightly whats going on with this whole cybergeist project...

we are entertaining the idea of opening it up to other folks who feel they can have a go at it in the ring in an intellecutal manner. there are a number of folks already who have expressed interest.

gil scott heron (the godfather of rap... a beat poet and one who first incorporated rhyming words together with music) coined the phrase "the revolution will not be televised".

This phrase holds all sorts of significance most notably here that the revoultion happens behind the mediated (news media most notably) forms... happens between folks discussing or being involved in the disscussion of the times... from mind to mind through dialouge.... but foremost the mind. What you see here is an exploration of that. Many folks do this on a consitent basis throught our country, society, world. Its hardly every televised... but its often times more important then what is.

We decided to go ahead and televise part of this revolution.... to see if it can be done... to explore the idea... to put some type of form to this aspect of Gil Scott Heron's phrase. This illustrated through the avenue of film and the internet but completely independent and natural... as unmediated as possible or as raw as possible.

we undertand that many of the views expressed here could be easily debated or rebuttled. we do also understand that some of these views are relative and probably wont line up with your view. thats not the point. the point is to get people in the ring with different views who are somewhat versed in intellectual discussion to chime on in. the people here happen to agree with one another. we plan on incorporating wider views... folks who believe opposite models... hopefully. right now this is just a start.

please lend your advice or suggestions if you have any. comment on the youtube video... express yourself. peace.

you can comment directly on my myspace blog here...

link to blog

please do. i welcome any and all views expressed being that they are respectable ... anothewords sans ad hominem attacks. thnx.

thats if you do have a myspace.

or just comment here... whatever you like.

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