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ATS the daily life for a new member

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posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 01:03 AM
ATS is a place for many people; it takes time for oneself to find their niche. Eventually over time everyone is adapt to the environment. I am just going to sum up ATS, BTS, PTS is some sorts of analogies.

So for ATS we have three main parts, everyday a lot of member’s visit each section and each forum to discuss their daily catch on things. For if you are planning to visit ATS you should be ready to have on your dress shirt and dress pants, and shoes shined. Outside the freshman forum things will get very routine and in line for doing the right, but the main ATS area is great. Each forum will have a topical point and interest and staying within those lines will keep you safe.

For BTS you can jump into some shorts and t-shirt, through on the flip-flops and go to the beach. Hang out, get some sun, and talk about really anything. BTS is the place to be after a long week of work or even just wanting to take a rest. For the people on BTS you will find a huge diversity all over the forums and each day it will be all different, so for the place to kick it back and pop the top go to BTS.

PTS is the youngest area of all ATS, but also growing and still going through changes and upgrades. PTS is the place where you kind a political twist to everything, in each forum there is most likely a place for anyone. Be sure to remember it even though it is young, you need to keep a good mind for what you say. Just know if you try your best and give quality posts and threads, you will sure be noticed. PTS is trying to get things started there and are always looking for new fresh people with something to give.

All together ATS is however you view it, you can get a lot from here. ATS is like a school, work place and store, you will find everything you need and always have a place to learn and work with others. Each area in ATS you will begin to see you can add to the information and gain from it. Each forum will help you hone your skills in a special task or even subject. Most of all, in ATS you will find that there are many people willing to help you; anyone can learn anything, no matter the age or size. Here on ATS you have the chance to learn how to create great papers and interesting topics to get anyone thinking. ATS is full of many great things; it will just take time for some to get into. Remember there is no rush, and time is always here. So feel free to ask and feel free to wonder about, just know in ATS, BTS, PTS you are welcome.

[edit on 2-8-2006 by ragster]

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 03:31 AM
Good one ragster. You've summed it all up pretty well.

Not much I can add . . . although your 'flip-flops' should actually be called 'thongs,' but anyway


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