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Fight Club & 9/11

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 03:45 PM
Odd Sounding Topic, but whatever... alot of people are asking questions and talking about 9/11 and learning the truth. but dark times are ahead...

What now? What happens when EVERYONE knows...

What will happen once everyone agrees that something needs to be done [not just about 9/11, but the all out 'corporate-corrupt' criminals in control of our nation.]

TIME GOES ON...NOTHING CHANGES!!! and its about to get worse...

high gasoline prices...the cost of daily life becoming more and more expensive, the rise of *cough*terrorism*cough*, the global warming crap...everything coming down on us at once...TRUE leadership is needed!

A stand NEEDS to be taken, but heres where it gets dangerous...

If we all grab our 'pitch forks & torches and storm up to the castle', so to speak, we would be greeted by men in black pointing guns and lethal weapons at us...and would probably be rounded and jailed...

LET ALONE having to deal with the crazy 'anarchist' anti-government people who would begin to provoke violence and try to start chaos...causing riots and violence. Thats when the news/government labels ALL OF US the 'anarchists' and 'terrorist sympathizers' see what im saying...

They will generalize us all as being the same group. REALLY; there is US americans who LOVE this country and want to take back our government, and punishing the criminals in this administration, and restore order and restore the constitution and bill of rights as the greatest and only true laws...

Then there is 'THEM'...the ones who WANT things to go 'all out of control!' The agent provokitors!


Well, I've been think about HOW the re-taking back of the us govt would happen...
the 2nd american civil war, really. BUT it doesnt have to resort to war and violence...and it SHOULDNT!

RESTORING the counrty/govt back to its constitutional roots needs to take place in an organized legal matter...with absolutley NO VIOLENCE! I REPEAT! NO VIOLENCE! What hows this gonna happen??

A 'revolutionary' organization needs to be made. A society of truth....

If these criminals in control DO operate in secret, like the mafia...Shouldnt WE do the same?? Shouldnt WE secretly be taking back control...putting 'our' people in high places...US rigging elections...US controlling everything, instead of the criminals destroying this country that are currently in control.

So I thought about the movie "FIGHT CLUB".

If you really understand this movie, you'll see where im going with this...

THAT secret society they started up...quietly and slowly over time...

There numbers grew and grew...more and more everyday, eventually even all the cops were 'in the know'...and had become, 'one of us!'

BUT THEY USED VIOLENCE! theres the problem! They ended up using explosives to demolish the credit company buildings [which were empty] reseting the debt to ZERO. I used the movie fight club as an illistration or example of waht NNED to happen, minus the violence.


How will we stand up to the government?? Do you even think we should? Do YOU even care??

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:13 PM
that is the million dollar question isnt it?

How to take back our govt...WITHOUT violence.

A modern day gandhi would be nice... but alas he would get laughed out of the room.

And unfortunately those other secret groups have more money than god and more power than we could ever hope to topple. I dont mean to sound pessimistic(sp?) but I just feel like most of the rest of us. POWERLESS.

And you are dead right...Violence would only prove them right...Sad I know but true. I depise violence and would not partake in it anyway.

But we do need organization and direction. The problem is there needs to be someone that the people can rally behind. Someone that can be taken seriously by the majority of those that wish to bring the govt. back to the people.

There is no quick fix.. and we cannot just teardown the govt we have... I think maybe a more realistic approach would be to try to get laws repealled one or more at a time that could help bring things back towards the masses liking.

I Agree whole heartedly that we need major changes.. The problem is getting millions of people to agree exactly what those changes are and how to implement them.

easier said than done. There are tons of civil rights groups already alive and kickin out there... ever thought of finding a way to help merge them into a larger single group that would have enourmous clout and a loud voice?

I am not trying to knock your idea... but it is so huge and complex that even getting all of the existing groups to sing the same song will be say theleast...let alone starting a whole new group.

I hope this doesnt discourage you Just trying to give alittle perpective thats all.

thankis for your time,

*edit-also MODS maybe this thread would be better off in US Politics? good thread wrong place me thinks

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:25 PM
well, the price of gas and global warming we control. the consumer is only interested in the cheapest most readilly available solution. they have the technology to eliminate gasoline and reduce global warming but it would cost trillions worldwide so no one is interested. time to pay the piper on that issue. as for the rest of the problems and why we need to take back what is ours, good luck accomplishing it w/o violence.

dont get me wrong, i really would like to see it, but i just dont think it will happen.


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