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I am sick to death of this stupid govt.

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 02:34 PM
With stories coming out more than daily my head is starting to frickin spin.

Our govt. has become the most corrupt, incompetent, dispicable entity that has EVER walked the earth. Of course Big business has nothing to do with that....and The pope isnt catholic.

Our govt/big business is always finding a way to poison us at every given long as they can profit from it that is.

And when they cant? they make it illegal and get the money from you anyway(not to mention slave labour).

Welcome the the hippocritical states of america ladies and gentlemen.. where big business is free to rape and pillage you but you are not allowed to retaliate aginst the BS that gets shovelled onto us at an ever incresing rate.

The Land of the thief and Home of the SLave....the masses get crapped on and lied to regularly...about everything, from manipulated science to to outright lies as to why we are in two wars.

this disgusting govt has pulled off an attack on its own people and blamed another for it. ala 911.

They have taken away the peoples right to vote for their own leaders with any semblance of dignity...aka 2000 and 2004 elections.

they have taken any sort of accountability out of govt.

The only ones who get held accountable are the little guy... yet the govt doesnt even follow its own laws.

we have a president who thin ks himself to be a conduit for god.. which is not only disgusting (given that god told him to invade Iraq) but it is insanity.

This Adminstration is incompetent at its least; and treasonous at its worst. While the senate and congress are no better. I am sick to high heaven of the lies,manipulation,unaccountability, usurpation of our Constitution.

The PATRIOT ACT makes me sick to my stomach.. and our leaders by drafting such a treasonous Bill have done more irriversable damage to our nation then any terrorist could ever dream of.

We are so hippocritical as a nation that this isnt even america anymore.. it is a pale reflection of what this country was supposed to stand for.

We fight a 70 year war on our own people with the war on drugs(which is run by the CIA-can you say hippocrates.)

We protect life...lmao yeah when its profitable... we are so concerned with helping the "poor Iraqis" but could care less about the atrocities in Africa(somolia)

I love this country and I cannot stand the Aholes ruining it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Power to the little people.
But how? with less and less opportunity and more and more control being seized by our govt Is there a way to fix it.. some would say yes..."vote" well I vote and you know where that gets me.... right where I am today.. PIssed off!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell the person I voted for(nader) wasnt even on the ballot... so I wrote him in..therefore My vote was not counted.... I am sick to god of this pseudo-twoparty dictatorship that is really one party that is meant to confuse and divide the polulace. We have more choices of condements for crying out loud than we do picking the leader of the free world.... Two choices? I mean really... and both candidates from the last election are both Admitted Bonesman. And almost noone cared.. they didnt want to read between the lines..why? I dont have any Idea maybe because they are so wrapped up in their individual lives that they dont have the time nor the energy to care... But I sure as hell do.

Unfortunately I feel helpless to do much of anything about it.. I have written letter to my representatives.. but I know that unless I give them crap load of money they wont listen or respond...

I am sick of this hippocracy and ignorance.

I know this isnt the most organized or even tanglable rant... But its mine none-the-less.

P.S.--- Just for the record I dont hate the US just the Aholes running it into the ground

Thank you for your time.

[edit on 30-7-2006 by TONE23]

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