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Why has the Lebanese Government NOT requested UNFIL help?

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 11:59 AM
Did you know that UN positions in Southern Lebanon have been turning away droves of Lebanese civilians desperately seeking sanctuary from the Israeli airstrikes? Did you know they were turned away by the UNFIL troops because they can only help the Lebanese civilians if asked to specifically by the Lebanese government?

The current UNIFIL mission already has fueled local anger in some quarters, primarily from desperate people in besieged southern towns who have sought refuge at U.N. posts, only to be turned away.

"I feel really frustrated," a U.N. observer said on condition of anonymity. "We can do anything and everything for the people of the south if the Lebanese government requests our help, but it hasn't, and the people don't understand that."

Houston Chronicle

Some one should ask the Siniora government why they have not exhausted every opportunity to secure their citizens saftey such as requesting help from UNFIL as outlined above.

Does it serve the Lebanese Siniora government to both demonize Israel, the UN and Hezbollah by allowing countless Lebanese civilians to die in this latest conflagration?

Finding out that UNFIL could help secure these civilians if only asked by Beirut has astounded me.

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 12:02 PM
Well, that would certainly explain the protesters attacking the UN building. ( Source. )

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 12:05 PM
They should be demanding the Siniora government request UNFIL support instead of attacking the UN. Madness, complete madness.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by subz
Madness, complete madness.

Indeed. There is plenty of that to go around...

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 01:28 PM
The intrigue and clandestine justifications makes me sick. If Siniora is allowing his civilians to die in order to weaken Hezbollah, Israel and the UN in one fell swoop he should be held to account.

Not only should people be aware of the Siniora government's inaction, they should be demanding corrective action. If UNFIL is capable of securing Lebanese civilians then for Christ sake ask them to.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:28 PM
Why hasn't Lebanon requested UN Interim Forces In Lebanon for help??

i reckon its because the UN forces there are just window dressing

sourceAmerican Chronicle

...That a UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, established in 1978 to assure
peace in the region, has failed should not come as a surprize;
that Kofi Annan should invite scrutiny of the UN in the face of its many failures does.

...Illustrating the decades of inepitude and background political corruption is
the tenure of the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

.......etc etc etc............

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:37 PM
Eh? Im not saying they should help by fighting Israel or Hezbollah, im saying why are they not asked to help the civilians escape the airstrikes? If you bothered to read the quoted article in the first post you'd see the UN observers want to help the civilians escape the airstrikes but cannot until asked. How you ever thought to twist that into the UN's fault is beyond me.

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:39 PM
Because UNFIL is impotent!!!!

posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 04:42 PM
UNIFIL has no power, it's like a couple of dozen of Finnish and Swedish people! It's a joke, they have no idea how to fight! If there will be any solution, we should probably let Israel finish the job of cleaning out Southern Lebanon then send competent NATO troops there to keep the peace.

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posted on Jul, 30 2006 @ 05:26 PM
What, precisely, can the Lebanese government ask the UNIFIL to do?

I am not saying that there is nothing, I am just wondering what they can actually think they can do?

Have lebanese people enter the compounds? I mean, that'd be a really small number no? I'm not saying its not worth it, but are we thinking that this can have any actual effect?

Also, lets be realistic, the Siniora government clearly doesn't care about the people of lebanon.

If you were in his place, and this was happening, what would you do when the israelis start firing at hezbollah? Announce your solidarity with hezbollah, or demand that hezbollah disarm and return the kidnapped solider, and that Israel stop also? I mean, Day 1 of this struggle, what effect do you think that would've had?

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