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aliens or child drawings

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posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 08:32 AM
New alien theory:

they greys are a twisted idea from your childhood. When your parents or friends first started drawing pictures with you, they showed you how to draw a huge head, and then large eyes, no one really knew how to draw a nose, and the mouth was generaly small...

So now your mind goes back in vivid dreams to those pictures to put a mask or face on your fears.

Just a thought... I don't deny that weird things are happening in the sky and to people. but this seems more reasonable when they say that so many people have described the same type of face...

Agree, disagree? I have no facts or links, but i'm hoping it will make for an intersesting discussion on human psychology...

don't they say that what you see during the day you'll dream about in a weird way at night.



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