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(DOC) The Terrible illness and the "Verbal perminent Cure"

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 06:36 PM
The time is a bit in the past, this is a real story from my life from around 1973-74.

My mother and father had just gotten divorced and my mother got custody of the kid's(Of Course).
thing's were really hard for her at the beginning and we lived in a small midwestern town in Iowa. Job's were few and money was short. She could'nt decide what to do, so moving was the only answer that would resolve her new found financial burden's of being able to take care of us three kid's with out the help of my father's income to the home.
She had looked for some time , finally she found a job working in a Nursing Home, the problem was the Nursing home was located 75 mile's away from our home town, needless to say,"We packed our belonging's and made the move."

Of course I was nervous about everything, being the oldest in the family of my sybling's, and only boy, moving from a very quaint small rural town to a big city enviorment, I did not know what to expect. It kept running through my mind over and over again of how much I just wanted to go back too my home town, and to my Grandmother's place, too stay and live. I told my Mother about my delimma and she just said,"Please, I am trying so hard to deal with everything right now, I don't want to let you feel sad, but these change's are for the benefit's that will allow me to care for you kid's and get on with my life as well, without your Father, I am just as lost as you Son.." she had tear's in her eye's, so I decided she was not doing this to get even toward's my Dad's mistake's, it was just something she "HAD" to do for the family.

The followong day, I went to my new school. It wasn't a very big school, not even as big as the school in my home town that I was attending before we moved. I had made a friend immediately, his name was Danny. He informed me that just because the school was small didn't mean that this was the only school in cities vacinity. That is when I found out there were a number of school's located throughout this larger city that we have moved too. That was something I had never heard of before, coming from a small town and all.

Danny became my best friend and we did everything together, for where he lived was just down the street from where I lived. He informed me of all the bully's in school ,who to talk too, who not to talk too, teacher's that were nice and the one's that were not to be tempered with. He was the "Information of how to fit in" in my new place of school and city. "Thing's were going pretty smooth". Movie's with Danny on Saturday's and at the skate boarding park on Sunday's. I was feeling rather comfortable in my new surrounding's.

One day, while Danny and I were waiting for the school bus, a group of individuals approached us and began herrassing us with the ruthlessness of a swarming bee hive. They were hitting Danny in the arm's and shoulder's being very rough and unpolite to say the least. As this was happening,I had remembered that back in my home town, I had been in fight's before (With people I had known my whole life) and we never backed down and sometime's those fight's back in my home town would go on and off for week's on end. You know, name calling, the badgering and intimidating gesture's, until finally they just subsided and went away.
After having that "Contemplating" moment, I found myself grabbing this bully and worked him to the ground, not stopping once with the swinging arm's and the horrific name calling!! "You dumb son_of _ Bit**!! I am going to kick your A** like you were an ugly red headed stepchild, you stupid co** sucker.." this went on for approximately 2 or 3 minute's when the bus finally showed up and the driver brought it to an end. The kid's were muttering and whispering of how the new guy in school had done the damage to this kid, his name (For respect) was David. Everywhere I went in school, "Way to go!!" and thing's like "I can't believe you fought that guy, nice going!" I was really one of the guy's not to mess with. I had made my imprint on my new school, "I was recognized!!"

Danny didn't say much to me that whole day, after countless time's of trying to talk with him, I finally got him at the school bus stop and asked what was wrong with him? his reply sent my heart to the pavement. "DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT GUY IS??" and I replied ,"Sure, his name is David." Danny said to me "We are so not going to make it home tonight!!! they have made plan's to get us when we get of the bus man!! I don't want to get beat up!!" Danny's eye's were filling with tear's and I told him,"Don't worry, I took him once,I can take him again!" Danny said "Yeh,'But can you take all 5 or 6 of his buddie's that will be there too?" My heart stopped for a moment, I knew I was in deep, I have never seen a gang fight, but the stories that were forwarded to me about them? I was now scared.
Danny and I conversed all the way home on how we could "Avoid" (Run) from anything taking place for our health and our welfare. We came up with the tactical plan of each of us running in a different direction and trying,if anything, to break down thier number's (Which we did not know of how many there were as of yet) and if one of us got caught, it would only half as bad. The plan was made and agreed upon.....

As we pulled up to the drop off point of our Bus, sure enough, they were there with a count that numbered in the double digit's. They found Danny and I with thier sight's right away , still on the bus. Danny turned back to me and said "I think we are going to get it 'BAD' man!!" All I could do is look at Danny, water now in my eye's, "Yep, I think we're gonna get her.." We agreed to stick to the affore mentioned plan and when we (Single file order out the door none the less) bolted through the bullie's shot our seperate direction's and took the mad dash for our "Safe" and much wanted confine's of our home's. They did exactly what we had thought they would do, except "David" took after me the entire distance to my house. I out ran them by a good 10-20 sprint's, made it through the door, locked it and panted my fear's to a final "Whewwww!!" with my back to the door. David was outside of my house informing that "If you think you can get away from me or my friend's here, 'There is alway's tomorrow Punk!!'" My heart stopped once again, I thought to myself "I can never go to school there again, what am I going to do?"
Continued Part II(See if I can go to "Edit" to finish?")

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