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2nd Boeing B-29 could be airworthy next year

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posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 08:11 PM
One of the rarest of rare warbirds could be flying the US airshow circuit by next year.
The B-29, named "Doc" (44-69972) was built March 1945, and never saw combat in WWII. In the 50s, Doc was part of 20th AF,also part of the "Snow white and the seven dwarves" squadron of 8 bombers, The aircraft will be painted in a 20th Air Force scheme, but will not be painted with any Disney Characters. Over the past six years a team of Boeing workers and volunteers have worked on restoring the A/C in the hopes of one day it would take to the air once again.

Doc will be the first "new" flying B-29 since the Confederate Air force's( now Commemorative Air force) FiFi. For the past 2 years FiFi (SN44-62070) has been down for extended Maint. Last year extensive corrosion in the wings of the CAF B-29 forced it to be grounded. This year an extensive air show tour was scheduled but later canceled due to the requirement of a major engine overhaul. In a recent conversation FiFi's crew chief revealed that the B-29 would need to be re-engined. The original style R-3350 -57's are no longer useable, and will be replaced with parts from a R-3350-95W (Used in AC-119K, built in the 60s), and -26WD found in the Douglas Skyraider.
External Link:Global security, B-29 stats

Small news article about Doc

CAF'S "FiFI" website

BTW anyone at or going to Oshkosh this year?
and sorry for the grammer and spelling

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 01:16 AM
I'd love to see another -29 flying. I watched the documentary of the one they restored on the ice and were gonna fly back to the US to finish it, and almost cried when it burned up. No matter how many problems they had during WWII I love to see the old warbirds flying around.

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