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Moving Locations or Changing Mind... Energy

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posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 07:44 PM
I was wondering if anyone else experienced any of these...

Anxiety when
1)moving to a new home,
2)changing a job
3)meeting new people
4)changing schools, [graduating to highschool/college]
5)meeting/seeing people who you disagree with or hate [but respect and act civily towards]
*6)expressing your 'inner-self'
7)People agree with you
8)People challenge you

Extreme Comfort when
1)People Agree with you
2)People challenge you
3)moving to a new home
4)changing a job
5)meeting new people
6)changing schools, [graduating to highschool/college]
7)expressing your 'inner-self'
8)meeting/seeing people who you disagree with or hate [but respect and act civily towards]

Extreme Lonliness
There is really no catagories or anything for this considering when you feel alone you feel utterly alone in everything you do.

A lot of people these days I notice have mental illnesses everywhere and problems with their life aside from mental illness... Especially our youth, this is geared towards everyone (the 'questionaire') but I was more or less trying to see if the booming pharmaceutical industry is benefitting from a mere chemical adjustment/evolution that must take place in our heads, as we are changing/exchanging information input and output of knowledge at extremely fast rates.

We always exist in a comfy state in our minds until new things jump up, even if some are necessary interactions, such as eating and bathing some people have mental illnesses associated with them. Just like some normal interactions with our surrounding such as moving or changing professions. My point is, humans are upgrading so quickly that one moment one person is a photography program and the next the person is a political program, or an audio program.. .etc. type of thing.. yet everyone expects people to maintain or 'stay-the-same' but we are living in a time that creates guru's of MANY facets of life, our youth carry many phd's not just one. Our drop-outs are even 'brainier' when it comes to the ancient teachings, they don't teach archeoastrology or ANYTHING really about entheobotanicals.

Could Our Society be going through an evolution of mind / brain chemicals?

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