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Commercialization and advertising ... how far will it go?

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posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 03:16 PM
There nothing quite like seeing your favorite band brought to you by Buzz Light at Midwest Fifth Eighth Farmers Bank Ampitheatre and have to watch Nozz Cola ads on the jumbotrons while getting showered with pamphlets from Bob's Greasy Gyros (half off until 1 AM after the show!!).

Seriously how far will this go? You already have bands sponsored by car manufacturers (American Idols winners + Ford) and soft drink manufacturers (Britney + pepsi). You can't go more than a few pages on the net with ads selling everything from Viagara to webspace. And what happened to previews at movie theaters? The last time I saw a movie there were, count em, 4 PREVIEWS and 9 COMMERCIALS! Super bowl halftimes brought to you by Cingular? TV time out brought to you by taco bell? Time for the Chili's "I ate too many ribs and crapped my pants" dish of the day!

How far do you people think ads/commercialization will go? Will we see Minority Report-style personalized advertising all over the streets? Will there be some type of transmitted mental advertising? Will Coke and Wal-Mart form political parties that rival the elephants and donkeys???

This post brought to you by Fiverzale ... the only beer strong enough to make you see QUINTUPLE! :w:

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