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Ever sign anything in a dream or another state of mind?

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 07:50 PM
First off I'd just like to say I know this was just a dream, so if you only want to read this far then so be it. Others please read on and try to anazlye this the same way I do. Very basically, I was asked to sign something in a dream but it was way more than a dream to me because of how it took place.

This dream started off like any other, me in a room with two other people who were having eachother (yea my mind was in the gutter a little, although this is proof against me that it was just a dream I will hold nothing back, because everything after this is a little akward).

As I walked into the next room, still joking about what I had seen with someone else I saw that there were plenty of people, these people were having some sort of party. They all seemed very far away at this point however.

I felt like I was on a quest, I had to explore everything around me, I neared the back of the large area. As I stood there thinking about entering a new area a dark shadow began to emerge from a blacked out room. Normally I would be very afraid as it seemed like it could have been a good setting for a nightmare but this was very calming and seemed like it was okay.

What emerged was a large man, not to say fat just very... big. He wore what seemed like something a Mechanic would wear, a blue jumpsuit and if I remember correctly some sort of utility belt, but that didn't have my attention. The man shook my hand as an introduction. He shook hands like the manliest of men, yet his hand did not feel normal, it was akward and not what you'd expect a hand to feel like, sort of wrapped around mine.

After this I followed the man to the table, this is where he layed it down. A clipboard and he proceeded to tell me "Sign here here and here". Deep down I must have known what this was about yet I still asked him (something along the lines of) "Why does this seem like such a big deal"?

It was this point that he hit me with it, very sincerely he said "Because death is a big deal." Just this point my alarm went off for me to wake up and get ready for work. Had I not asked what it was for, I could just have signed something and then awoke not learning what it was for. Yet I awoke extremly satisfied and pondering about this dream more than any other I've ever had.

Waking up after this dream was like waking up right before you learn the secret of life, yet it felt like I recieved the information. I don't know what my signature would have done but it's important to note that the area all seemed sort of underground and once we approached the table the party was no longer in sight. After thinking about it I wondered was I signing up for a resort for when I die? Kind of like elderly getting into a retirement home, was I just taking a tour? Was this man evil to be walking out of a dark room in what seemed like and underground environment (rock walls and cieling), why was I so calm about this entity?

You may say it's a just a dream all you want but I know this experience meant a lot more to me than any dream I've had and this is why it is not the same.

So has anyone else ever signed something or even agreed to some thing in a different state of mind, sleeping, dreaming, oobeing, spiritually?

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 01:20 AM
Do you remember any more details about the man who was asking you to sign this document? What he looked like.

Btw, in my opinion it is a good thing you didn't sign it. It doesn't matter what state of mind you are in, never sign something without understanding the consequences.


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