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Did it ever occur to you that the Govt. EVER pay the "average" to make a UFO story..

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:04 PM
Hmmm.. Quite interesting, since IT's never really analysed much, or questioned.

But I'm sure there is "some" here doing it... spreading the word possibly... I mean it ALWAYS seem to happen in the USA since welll erm.. 1949.... Oh the second world war, bey jazus.....

As for the govenrment hiding info.... Of course but ain't UFOs
if it were they'd prpbably be the best Government in the world.....






what else fame......... It's getting ever closer to the fact the most UFO rubbish is becoming not a reality. Sadly the millions have being made out of it. Countless amount of People including myself was a fan. A friend of mine had upteenth amount of books on UFOs etc. He included has them dumped. It's not a working thing to believe in afterall it happens in Nevada, New Mexico afterall. The grays are no just scam, from hoaxers in the 50s with their crashed carcasses...
Cows mutilated... I mean if it were true, surely they wouldn't need to do that? they're perfect. Crop circles, a farm near me can even do crop circles, this is yet another hoax.... Roswell don't get me started, all I can say the govenrment did a good job

Anyway I'm rambling I know. But Some people NEED to stop this nonsense and making a joke out of it. Fair enough there is that 1% that cannot be explained but the rest is overshadowing it with outragous UFO reports..

Now after I got that off my chest.. let's separate and clarify some ISSUES.

E.T = is Extra terrestial that may inhabit another world in the universe, other forms of life even down to the strain of bacteria

UFO= not even going to abbrieviated this. Is a new phenomeon in America that mostly america falls for..... round saucers that seem to plague the country and some other's to make it look like it's a world phenomeon. it's mostly objuects in the sky that are claimed to be ALiens... but it's just not... I'm harsh. we are constantly bombarded with junk and 99% of deemed hoaxes and time always proves this..... We have to cop on!!!!! It's us playing tricks on us AND YOU KNOW WHAT IT WORKS.

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 01:31 PM
Yet another rediculous and pointless thread

It's fine if you dont believe in the whole issue, But alot of us do. It's wierd how you can always find time to read most threads and posts in this section of the forum, But you still think this whole thing is fake. Dont read it if you think it is rubbish and certainly dont post threads on a matter of your opinion because your argument is not something alot of people here appreciate, as you can see from the vast amount of replys you have recieved.

Please keep your opinions like that to yourself until you have official evidence on the matter.

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