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The current analysis of the Middle East Affair

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 04:24 PM
By Falcon.

It’s been a long time sense I’ve posted anything on ATS things have defiantly changed around here sense I’ve been gone. But down to business as most people are currently aware there “appears” to be some kind of incident in the middle east dealing with Israel and Hesbola. We are being made to believe this is over a kidnaped Israeli Solider. Let’s go over a few things here.

It’s a well known fact that The United States of America left thousands of P.O.W.S. or prisoners of war in Vietnam during the time the United States was at war with Vietnam. And to this day never went back for the majority of them if any of them at all. There is one underlining “question” that has to be addressed here that to my careful analysis I have yet to see any substantial evidence to suggest otherwise.

That question is the following and it should be asked by “all” of the intelligence agencies around the world. That question is “why would you send your entire military after one man”? Israel is taking this so called kidnaping as if The President of The United States was kidnaped. I might be wrong in my analysis here but it seems to me several problems exist with this so called news story.

So three people get kidnaped so? That’s only three for starters now let’s assume for a moment that this man or one of these people that were kidnaped were some kind of Israel intelligence personal. If that were the case the last thing you would do is send all of your military forces after the three men. You also would not want to be public about it or let the public know about if it did happen, there for that rules out the need to cause this so called full scale war on the gaza strip so to speak.

From what I understand currently this is not about three soldiers being detained it has something to do with a kidnaping that took place 10 years ago. That is all I know at this time but the question still remains and if no one can answer the question then the question needs to be answered. Again that question is the following.

“why would you send your entire military after one man”?

The simplest answer is no military anywhere in the world would do so. The question then becomes who or which one of these so called three men are so important a country is willing to use all it’s military force to try to get them back.

That is what we need to look for members of ATS and that’s something we need to start looking for right now before this escalate’s into World War Three. I’ve disclosed what im currently aware of and that is this has something to do with a kidnaping yes but something that took place 10 years ago.

Good to be back at ATS


posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 10:28 PM
I think it's a pretty convenient excuse for Israel to attack. Like you say, it is only 3 people (I thought it was 2, but same difference). I would think that any reasonable leader would have at least tried diplomacy first.

For the most part, I've agreed with Israel's actions over the last few years, but I strongly condemn what they are doing now. As far as I can gather, Israel is pretty much just going berserk and blasting everything they can, civilian or military. In the past I've been impressed with their restraint and diplomacy, like how they voluntarily left Gaza. Not this time. This time, they're just killing people.

I was trying to think about what is different about this incident, and only one thing readily comes to mind; the new prime minister, Ehud Olmert. I don't really know much about this guy, but I suspect it is not a coincidence that with a new leader, Israel has suddenly become a lot more violent.

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 08:18 PM
I did not know much about this Olmert but some things are starting to make sense now.

I know a number of the names in this above link but the one that stands out above all others is Binyamin Netanyahu. Binyamin Netanyahu is what this most recent attack has to be about. There must have been some kidnapping that took place about or around 10 years ago dealing or had associatations with Binyamin Netanyahu at the time.

From what I understand according to the most recent update of the NSA leak of Sandy Berger for all of your information to my knowledge is still going on the pentagon the nsa and the fbi are still conducting a investigation into the israeli lobby in washington d.c. that sandy berger summited information to in between June / Augest of 2004.

Last time I checked it went something like this Berger Gave the information to Ahmed Chalabi at the time a politican of iran and was invited to one of bush's speach's before this incident occured. What I know from there is that by some means Israel was then given the information from iran.

This is starting to make some sense with the most recent attempt to blame iran for sinking a so called israeli ship. If Binyamin Netanyahu was the one that Chalabi gave the information to this would all start to make sense. The intelligence agencies get to close to finding out the truth all of a sudden we have pre - emptive war in the middle east over so called hostigages.

The hostiage crisis smells of a Ronald Regan script for hostigages. Same agenda same script different year. With the real fact's of what's going on are not being reported. There's one easy way to find out if this has any substance time to start asking some hard questions.

Thanks for that dragons that helps.



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