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Senators Death (accident or Assassination)?

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 04:34 PM
Sen. Paul Wellstone (D) was pulling ahead in the numbers (winning by 6-9%) for the Minnesota Senate race, when tradegy struck. Considered the loudest and strongest of the liberals, a spokesman for the progressive wing of the National Democratic Party, he was one of the Senators who voted against and preached against both (Gulf War and present) wars with Iraq, and a critic of the president. He might have also been in line for a spot on the 9/11 commission beginning at the end of 2002, and if he didn't have a spot his voice would have been heard during this investigation. Also, at this time the Senate was split 49-50 with democrats up 1 seat, but with his death, it ended the democrats lead in the Senate.

October 25,2002 (eleven days before election)
Sen. Paul Wellstone was on a plane headed to Eveleth-Virginia in Minnesota. The plane was given clearance to approach the airport, but minutes before landing the airplane veered south, crashing into the ground and exploding into flames killing both pilots, the senator, his wife and daughter and five others.
(No engine failure was reported, icing was said not to have been an issue even though there was some freezing rain and snow, but it was pilot error). The captain (Richard Conry,55) had a airline transport pilot certificate and Co-pilot (Michael Guess,30) was a certified commercial pilot. After a "complete" investigation into the crash it was said Conry was losing his touch as a pilot. It was also said that his co-pilot Guess, told Conry it was time to retire. No one has come forward to say they heard the co-pilot say this. In the investigation, other "nameless" pilots came forward and said Conry was losing his touch and needed retire. So the blame was put on a dead pilot and an inexperienced co-pilot.
An aging, experienced, senior pilot decided to veer his plane south in the last minute before landing and smash it into the ground. Thats the story.

November 2002 results, Republicans win Minnesota
Norm Coleman 1,091,253 (voted for the war)
Walter Mondale 1,029,982
(a little close, a little easier to fix)

Republicans win the Senate (51-48) taking two seats away from Democrats sealing the deal for the Iraqi War and whatever has come since.2002

Sen. Norm Coleman is also a close friend of Karl Roves. Roves told Coleman to drop out of the Minnesota Governors race (Jesse Ventura) and put his name in the Minnesota Senate race in 2002. Karl Rove picked a good race for his friend.

Is this just an accident or is this a conspiracy? Look at the simularities between the deaths of Paul Wellstone and Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan in October 16, 2000. By the way, Governor Carnahan's opponent was John Ashcroft, who still lost to a dead guy, but was later given a well deserved job by President Bush.

Source: (WSWS News 29 October 2002)pilot error[/b


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