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(DOC) Part 4 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 02:59 PM
“Hey Ori, you are back, I was so scared something had happened to you, I knew you were ok though…”

“Hey Liz, I have missed you so much, hahaha well very much indeed… I wished I could be here longer, but we are out in 3 days, so…”

“What you are telling me you did not here……”

“Here what, I thought CB told you, I am being reassigned to your ship…”

“No, no Liz, I do not want you out there you are better here…”

“But Ori, things here are getting heated up on land, I asked to be, and I want to be with you…”

“I understand, it is ok, I am really glad indeed, just worried but it will be alright, what are doing?”

“I am going to be operating navigations and scanner systems being installed into your ship, also I was going to wait but they are…”

“Hey Liz hey Commander….. Hahaha”

“Hey man, Jonathan, why do always come in at the wrong time……”

“Hahahaha it’s all cool, just coming to say hey to my favorite buddies... Hey Commander you here we are getting a new crew member on board cannot wait to see who it is….., well ill se yall later me and Nova are going to the clubs… hahaha later…”

“Hey Jonathan…”

“Liz don’t worry bout it he will see soon enough, so anyways, you hungry, lets go eat…”

Hey Jonathan come here, shhhhh!!!, be quiet, listen to this, it’s a meeting that I think one of the CB controllers is in, be quiet listen…

“What are you talking bout, hey what is that, who that is over there…”

“What do you want with us, I have done everything you have said… What else, Is there, I could be killed for this…”

“Does anyone suspect anything from within?”

“I told you no… it is all perfect they will never know what hit them, where is the IA going now…”

“Don’t ask questions about the IA, and I swear if anyone finds out….. It’s your whole family and fleets not just a couple Representatives…”

“Dude, Nova that is the secretary prime minister…”

“Who was that other guy Jonathan? he looked familiar…. His voice, didn’t sound like the Admiral?”

“The Admiral is dead Nova, he dies back on the Command Star you saw it, commander was screaming for him…”

“Yea something is not right, we have to go find the Commander…”

“Commander you here, yea, what is it, its 3 in the morning, sir we have to tell you something, we just over heard something we think you should know about it…”

“We over heard the secretary prime minister talking to someone about something big and they were talking about something being perfect and the Internal Alliance…”

“Wait are you sure?….. Guys we have just been briefed by a Datacom that the Political Chairs have been compromised, does anyone else know?”

“Yea it’s just us and you, and then sir something else, we think, I think that the Admiral is still alive…”

“What?, what are yo talking about Nova, Sir I knew Admiral James well, and his voice, I swore that was the man talking to the secretary and he sounded just fine, but like terribly over ruling……”

“Tell me everything guys……”

“Well see boys, from here was probably the most important part of the war, or well the beginning of it, but it cleared up enough for me to fight my side and know who to trust, I knew I could not just run to anyone about it, so only me and three other Commanders knew, and from there we started to work a little behind the curtain also, but through until the last day I was promoted to Admiral, as the youngest commanding controller ever, and from there on things just became harder…”

“So grandpa you were being a bad guy too but still were promoted?”

“Well not exactly a bad guy, it was just good man work, and all we did was just get together more ships and supplies, we all knew our government was being ran be the IA and as for the Renegade we had no clue. But this was bigger than anyone could think of……”

“How big grandpa?"

"... hahaha now Sirus….. Hahaha……”


“Ok boys well from here there was a pact, me and three other ships that would practically help our fleet to safety and lead them to IA… Soon enough our ships were ready and we were off into space, all knowing that something was about to happen on the home front…”

[edit on 14-7-2006 by ragster]

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