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Flight of the Hawk

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:00 AM
The Escape

They called him a “god among men” because of the abilities they had “bestowed” upon him… They called him this because they thought he would be the most powerful being to ever walk the Earth. Why did they punish him so?

As humans, we were never supposed to play the role of god and create, yet some of us did, we created life, we didn’t spawn life. Life was built, not born, not the way that was originally intended by the ultimate force in the universe, and because of it, there are now those without lives. It makes us think… How is it that life can be created and then taken away so easily. We don’t know his original name, we do know his project name though, he was codenamed ‘Flight of the Hawk’. That was his title and purpose; it was who he was, or what it was. These are the words that were on the files that lay amassed in a controlled room deep inside of a facility deep underground, they called it the Bulkhead.

The Bulkhead was big, it was huge, it was many things too, not just a vault for securing the most secret of secrets, but also a staging point for those secrets, it was their Head Quarters, and one day he escaped. He broke free of his restraints, the restraints that these make-shift gods had placed on him… not as protection to them or others, but as protection to himself. He wouldn’t have understood what was going on… Why he had been created this way, and what to do, but all he knew was that, he wanted to get away from it all, everything, no matter what it took.

Before he broke free of his restraints, he was just thinking, doing nothing but sitting there, we know this because of the Security Cameras that were watching him. We aren’t sure if he was Master Minding the ultimate escape, or if he was simply staring into oblivion, we aren’t sure, because it seems like his escape was a last minute-sporadic action, he didn’t do it like it was planned… Just did it.

He made it through the hallways, through the small bulkhead doors, and finally to the last bulkhead, the 30 foot tall, 20 foot deep Steel and Titanium/cobalt door that was designed to withstand a nuclear explosion. He wouldn’t be getting out that way… At least, we though he wouldn’t. Somehow, he knew the codes, all of them, but he went to the control panel, and punched something in. The doors then opened and let him out, we were too late to stop him, we hadn’t gotten together the panic squads fast enough. He was now out there… outside in the real world, where he wouldn’t understand, where no one would.

That's the first chapter, will leave at that for now, will continue to write more later, I like this idea, let me know what you all think.

Shattered OUT...

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 08:04 PM
Waiting for the next chapter!!

V/good so far

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 06:29 PM
The Way the Road leads

There they stood… The men stood right there in the entrance way looking up at the beams of light that shun down from the sun through the opening. Men with guns, the ultimate equalizers, and yet they failed to keep locked away the monster they had created. Now the people in the open world must put up with him and he now goes exploring. It is obvious that he’s unclear as to where to go, which makes it harder to track him down, he’ll simply be moving around in random directions, no place to go, but the world, and no single one place to stay…

This is where our story ends, and his begins… For now anyways.

They called me Hawk, but that’s not my name, my name is Jason, I would prefer to be called Jason. I was always fond of that name, Jason, it’s just the sound of it, how it rolls off the tongue… Jason. What a name. Screams emanate from a dark alley, it’s now night out, I’ve never been outside when it was night, or dark… But for some reason I feel right at home in the darkness, it must be what they built into me. The screams of men are still coming from that alley, man is god on this world; what can he possibly be afraid of?

It seems man has nothing to fear but himself, this world is that pathetic that a stranger would pull out a knife, beat and steal from another man, just trying to make his way home… Someone should really do something, but not me. They’re not fit for my help. None of them are. This is a very busy place, all the lights from the streets, buildings, music, horns, people talking, it’s a busy city. None of them know I’m here, none of them have any idea what’s going on, just like me. My time of confinement is finally over, now it’s my time to see and understand life what really is, that is my quest, that is what I will do.

Project F.H. (Flight of the Hawk) is quite the project indeed, he was originally conceived biologically from a stasis’ bio-carriage, in simpler terms, means he was born of a womb. He has a mother, but not a father. There was no true, real way to artificially and successfully grow a stable creature, so we needed a biological carriage for him. I guess you can say it was an immaculate conception, only through means of a needle and medical science. He stands 6 feet and 4 inches tall, has brown eyes/hair and has strong facial features, but that’s not what’s imposing about him, what is… is what was built into him, he has wings. The hardest part of the project was incorporating those wings, getting the gene splicing and the proper amino-based acids into the ladder took decades to do. Not only that, but he is extremely intelligent, he adapts to his environment, he learns and applies what he has learned. This all is what makes him so special, so important to the men in suits that they now devote an entire army to hunting him down. If he can’t be captured alive, he’ll be killed and his genes recycled and put into a circulation. The harsh reality of Government projects, what you fail at once, well try, try, try again.

Shattered OUT...

[edit on 17-7-2006 by ShatteredSkies]


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