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Hard Data based on a simulation...query

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 07:47 AM
If there are any experts in the field out there, and I'm sure there are. I was wondering if you could help my research with some hard data, based on some facts that may have been obtained from the leftovers of that Cretaceous Crazy from the Yucatan.


What would be the outcome, including timetables, if an asteroid that was say, about half the size of greenland crashed into the Arctic Ocean. I know it's a bit over the top. But I am just curious to see some of the results of computer simulation model.

I'm guessing that if something like that happened and you were standing in the middle of a field in Kansas. It might be like trying to outrun a wild bull that was only 20 yards away, while you are
stuck in quicksand.




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