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Are we Under-estimating? Or just creating opporunities?

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posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 12:02 AM
I dont like to use Here-say as a source for my idea's, but ive heard from a fella working on 'a ship' in the gulf waters that the US are moving 'ALOT of equipment' into to the area.

Now, im not very savvy on 'guessing' where the US navy deploy's its forces, carriers, warships, transports and so forth, but considering the map BELOW...


There isnt a WHOLE lot of sea to hide large warships, and a large amount of them too.

Taking note of Irans position on the Gulf, and there recent interest in Surface to SEA, and UNDERWATER torpedo's, correct me if im wrong, but arent we just inviting them to destroy a large percentage of our first strike capability?

things that ALSO bother me, are statements such as

"Iraq fired an estimated 200 air-launched Exocets against Iranian shipping during the Iran-Iraq War with varying levels of success. Tankers and other civilian shipping were often hit, but a large percentage failed to explode. US and UK EOD teams recovered several warheads and even some complete missiles from target ships."

Now, its common knowledge that munitions DONT always work.
Whats stopping Iran from aquirering a missle that didnt explode, researching it, discovering its capabilities, then REPRODUCING it?

LinkLi nk

The above links shows Irans desire to test fire missles which are deadly, for SEA Vessels.
Now I dont think the USA can handle a full blown war in Iran,
They cant even gaurantee success in bombing them,
and basically ANYTHING they do will just inflame middle eastern tension, and ultimately create a conflict either in Israel, Iran or Iraq.

So theoretically, the US are on the backfoot.
The Israel has stated they cannot accept a Nuclear Iran,
which means USA cannot stand a nuclear Iran ( gotta love the Zionest influence)

So what are we to do?
Diplomacy is FAILING,
I mean, Iran was given a Christmas present in terms of a nuclear deal between the world leaders and its heirachy for its nuclear programme,
IT should only take 1 day to look at the deal, and say YES, we get our CIVILIAN NUCLEAR PROGRAMME....
even so, they should be able to ACCEPT and state there terms iwthin Weeks,
what is so special about MID AUGUST?
why wait that long?

Iran are preparing,
they have the ability to hit the US fleet in the gulf,
they have the ability ot hit Israel through hizbollah and Palestine,
and they have the ability ot hit Iraq.

You ask me,
in the next few weeks, they are going to demand something, we cant possibly give.

'They are Marching... As to WAR!'

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 08:28 PM
It seems they got their war, albeit its being fought by proxy: Israel vs Lebanon.

It does not matter what is done for Iran. They are a backwards theocracy hellbent on wiping Israel off the map and setting off their religous end time prophecies. The Israelis, always ready for a fight and eager to overreact at the slightest provocation will be more than happy to oblige them in their ambitions. As always, the US will give Israel and obscene amount of aid. As always, Iran will be slipping some Ramadan presents to Hezbollah, and Im sure Russia will slip some reimbursement back to Iran.

Nothing new in the middle east it seems. Same crap, different year.


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