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North Korea: Where do you Stand? Where do we Stand?

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 09:10 PM
Well, before I began reading this article I actually thought we were going to see a real diplomatic solution to this whole ordeal. Turns out some countries are just pushing for sanctions while others insist that they shouldn't be implaced.

The US is sending an envoy to China to discuss the international response to North Korea's missile tests.

The launches were part of "regular military drills to strengthen self-defence", the North's foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Map of North Korean missile ranges

"Our military will continue with missile launch drills in the future," it added, insisting such action was "our legal right".

International divisions

The UN Security Council resumed debate on Thursday on a draft resolution in response to the launches.

The document, co-sponsored by the US, UK and Japan, calls for sanctions against North Korea, but there are key differences among the major powers.

Japan - within easy reach of North Korea's missiles - is reportedly pushing for economic sanctions while China and Russia - sympathetic to the North - oppose punitive measures.

See Full Article: HERE

So, I came here to ask a few questions about this whole ordeal that hopefully haven't been thoroughly covered already.

Do you think this "attempt at diplomacy" will have any success?
Do you think China and Russia will continue to remain opposed to the idea of sanctioning North Korea?
Do you believe that sanctioning North Korea would actually provoke a response due to the level sanctitivity already occuring there?
Do you think the world can come together and solve this by either:
1. Working it out the diplomatic way, avoiding what has the potential to be another World War.
2. Doing some type of physical damage or movement such as sanctioning or even bombing of missile sites.
Do you believe the U.S. will eventually decide to take this war on too, thinking they are doing the world lots of good after a short speech by George W. Bush?

Also, throw in any other comments you may have about this, but lets try not to get too far off topic.


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