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A call for clarity

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 12:52 PM
This is a cry for help. I am calling directly to the more knowledgeble folks around here (and there are plenty of you) with a question. What the hell is going on? I was into the whole UFO phenomena from an early age when I was given The UFO Experience: A Scientific Enquiry by J Allen Hynek as a present. I couldn't put it down and it started a fire within me, a thirst to know more. This was 24 years ago, and as a ten year old, I'm sure you can understand the impact it had on me. Since that day I have sought out as much information as my mind can take, and herein lies the problem, one which caused me to turn my back on the subject for 6 years.

What is real and what is not? How can so many seemingly respectable, qualified, professional and high ranking people have differing theories? Is there a truth at all? I am ready for throwing in the towel. After reading about our esteemed Mr. Lear and being completely gripped by all he has had to say I thought we were on to something. But to be truthful, I'm really not sure. No disrespect intended to John, but I'm sure he can understand as much as anyone the frustration felt by the man in the street with more than a passing interest in this subject.

Put simply I don't know where to turn. I want to learn more, but I honestly feel that I'm not really learning anything, despite all the material I read and regardless of how credible the author. It doesn't help when this forum, dedicated to denying ignorance can waste anywhere between two and eighteen pages discussing the most ridiculous hoaxes or pictures of seagulls, yet only give four replies to the Australian UFO thread. Am I missing something here? Does anybody else feel the same way? Let me know, post your feelings and perhaps the enlightened ones can show me/us a path.

I'd just like to add that as a long time member and an avid reader of everything from Hynek to Pope, from Berlitz to Hancock and Greer to Lear there isn't much of the subject I'm not familiar with.

Thanks for reading.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 01:21 PM
Belief in various ET theories is highly subjective..

John lear is an active member, and has elaborated on his viewpoint (based upon insider sources) in several threads... but he hardly has a "commonplace" viewpoint.

Also, remember that much of what we see, is disinfo... sometimes just to confuse us, and sometimes to mark an otherwise good piece of evidence as BS...

I think we can see several pieces of this in the recent Slurpo disclosure, as well as the famous Roswell case...

For all we know, Slurpo is real, but the 20% of info that was laughable caused the rest to be forever suspect.

John Lear confirms some of this for us, with stories of Mars colonies and moon colonies inhabited by humans, thru tech gained from ET trades...
in this ATS thread "martians"

IMO the black project community is the otherside of the coin, that wants to keep the confusion up, and disclosure down...

The best way to educate yourself, is by research, research, research...

If you already have a grasp on the various UFO reports, and have a "tally" of the good ones vs the bad ones, then IMO the next step is to expose yourself to the various debunks, and see if they hold water...
check your knowledge of the myriad of real UFO's that confuse most witnesses (UAV's, Drug Smuggling flights, Balloons, military craft... ect...
also know that these known UFO's are often where they are not known to be, so they are always an option... (ie: UAV's above civilian areas, around Military bases...)

My understandings were a growth process, and I am sure yours are also...
Gazrok can be very resourceful regarding debunks already confirmed.

You are at the right place to discuss this, that is a good start...

also note how many ufo experts claim other experts are disinfo agents...
Hynek for one... IMO he is still steering disclosure on an agenda schedule...
perhaps that explains some of the reasons you have lost faith in the issue.

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 07:33 PM

I recommend you separate alien life from the humans' UFO field and just think for yourself.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 08:41 PM
Hey MausOr, You know i remeber being younger, and on TV at the time, theyre were cartoons that also had sing-a-longs and made you follow the bouncing ball even though there was all this stuff happening on the screen you had to follow the bouncing ball, now apply that to everything you read today including the threads that some post. Personally i dont trust anyone on these forums because you just dont know 'who' these people are, Im sure in the grand scheme of things, the ones keeping disclosure in the jar that's ready to explode, are relishing the idea that; here we are postulating away saying in the words of LHC "yea or nea"to all theories that are being advanced by alot of us on ATS while the clock keeps ticking away everyday buying more and more time to those "in the know" to keep their agendas running smoothly.i mean i just read that someone has been studying this subject since the sixties! and still postulating away with passion, before you know it were in the same boat! So much info has come our way that we rehash everything to the point of absolute uselessness. There are so many forums in so many parts of the world talking about these possibilites, those possibilities, yet we are all being kept divided to a few thousand here, a few there etc.. add all those people up around the world that want disclosure and you start seeing the bigger picture, trust me you're not the only one that gets a feeling of anxiousness to get something done, but it all starts with the questions. personnally I ask my own opinion of what makes sense to me, is this logical, if so why, who has to gain by keeping this from us and more importantly why, and I keep going etc... Here they all talk of proof, proof? yeah right, like the proof of WMD's that the US had to go grab their blackgold interests, some are still waiting for that proof but it didn't stop the US from doing something concrete without proof, only disinformation. On another post (i think it's gl2's) he says that we sit by while things happen right in front of us and we still would be asking for proof, but isn' t proof in the eye of the beholder? lazarusthelong said research,research,research he's right and you're by your saying an avid reader so you're on the right track just don't lose sight of the BiG picture. just don't lose track of the bouncing ball because then they're winning.

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