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North Korea bluffing?

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 08:18 PM
Maybe all this N. Korea nuke business is a strategic ploy of some type just to get the worlds attention off of the Middle East. What do you guys and gals think?

If all attention is diverted towards North Korea, it could make an attack on the U.S. or any other country a bit more easy. Its the oldest strategic trick in the book. Set a divertion and attack from the flank. Don't know just thinking out loud.

posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 08:26 PM
Hello PA. Let me start by welcoming you to ATS. I'm sure you'll get the hang of this site in no time and I look forward to seeing you around the boards.

At the moment we have several active threads on this topic and when that occurs new threads are directed in that direction.


And a 17 page thread thats fascinating:

As this is such an ongoing topic, thread closed.

ATS Moderator

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