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The brain,..and what will we find out?????

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 06:15 AM
i just read a article on abc(aust) news website that has me wondering.
its about the research being done on wether the brain is still developing in
late teens/early 20s.
now ,this,as stated in the article, could have legal/criminal ramifications.
also, could it have ,or should isay,will they discover that, all those drugs they
have been feeding youngsters diagnosed with add/adhd will ,at a later date, have
adverse side effects?
because their brain is still growing and the drugs have stuffed up some
integeral part,that still needed to grow, but was suppressed.
or that some people dignosed as schizofhrenic, in late teens/20s, and fed some
meds/drugs, were not schizofhrenic at all.
now, i had a brother who was diagnosed schizofhrenic in his late teens, and
another brother who was diagnosed schizofhrenic in his mid forties, and did not display any signs in his late teens/early20s.
we also had a headshrink(doc) tell us that schizofrenia is heireditry, and can skip a generation and resurface.
now, i read a family history(mothers side)and did infact find,an entry that suggests
one of our ancestors was a bit off tap.
and that was a generation or 2 before my mother.
now i'm staring to wander off on a different tangent, sorry
here's the link to the story

i'm interested to see where this research leads.

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