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Tjernobyl -not that bad?

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posted on Jul, 4 2006 @ 10:04 AM
I'm Born in Russia and i was there when The Plant exploded.

So i was always fasinated by the results.

There are allot of urban legends about people getting older then 100 (I checked it up and its true)

Fruit thats HUGE and allot of difrent mutations.

So i did my own research and it seems its true there are allot of mutations out there BUT the scientists are still argueing about if its bad or not that bad. Wat are the results.

The effects are mainly
stochastic, and the underlying biological mechanisms are not completely known.
Different methods were used in the dioxin assessments, as the specialised experts
of the Belgian Health Council illustrated, and a controversy occurred between
scientific experts on the assessment of risk of low doses. Epidemiological studies
are available but limited, and the extrapolations of the data from these studies and
from other scientific experiments are under debate in the scientific communities.

The wildlife there is groing rapidly Animals dont die out with packs fish are still swimming and son on.

So wat is the downside of it now? i know radiation increased the cancer cells in our bodey but lets look at wat cancer is. Is it always harmfull is it always leading to death. Well awnser is no.

So my conclusion is for now its not that bad as it was speculated, we might just evolved and people just have gained some extra insight that wat radiation can do.

Now I posted this information due to fact that people where b*tching on the new Power plant out on water.

If anything like that ever gonna happen and its gonna blow up, the results are not that dramatic as expected. There are still people living out there and yes there deaths 20.000 people died by now and its expected to rise, but if you look at how many would have died anyways without it you'll come up to around 12.000.

8 thousand people died cause they were just to close to the plant when it happened (scientist, locals, rescue workers). And if you look at animals whel they dont even bother at this moment.....

I DONT SAY wat happened is good....but i say we need nuclear power and lets try to face the facts.

If some one is interested in reading about the scientific part of it here you go:



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