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New outbreak of birdflu in China

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posted on Jul, 1 2006 @ 04:11 PM
Translation of the news.

According to the Xinhua Agency, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture confirmed today that a new outbreak of birdflu has been detected in Ningxia Hui.

Scientifics from the National Laboratory of Bird Flu have announced that the N5H1 has been detected on the specimens taken from the Xuanhe district in Zhongwei.

Groups of experts have been rushed to the area in order to control it.

Furthermore, this week, China confirmed to be investigating the possibility that a Pekinese Military man, aged 24, could have died in 2003 from bird flu (2 years before the country confirmed their first case of bird flu in humans).

If this becomes confirmed, it would mean that the disease did not started in South Corea in December 2003 from Vietnam, but that the disease really started in China.
Confirmado nuevo caso de gripe aviar en China

That would be interesting, don´t you think so?


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