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Dots In The Distance

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posted on Jun, 30 2006 @ 04:55 AM
Dots in the distance

It has come to my attention that many threads in the UFO section boil down to ` dots in the distance ` and degenerate into speculation over what a ill defined clump of pixels ACTUALLY represents .

I will not point out any threads , but its IMHO a common trend here – and it ires me sufficiently to overcome my distaste for typing .

Leaving aside the issue of range and perspective , i.e. Is it a 1cm insect 8m from the camera , or a 500m UFO at a range of 8 km ?

Assuming for one moment that a given dot is infact at an extreme range . I feel that at this point it is worth “ stating the obvious “

“ Any object 10km from you is potentially directly overhead an observer sat 10km from you “

Before you say “DOH!”

Look at this simple graphic :

Now who is in the best position to make the most accurate observation / identification , observer1 or 2 ?

Of course the availability of other witnesses is highly dependant on terrain and population density , and of course are they watching the skies / paying attention .

None the less , it is an avenue of inquiry worth perusing – if you are infact serious about UFO research . Further research might produce a logical explanation

Even a confirming witness or two , now that would REALLY boost the case for any UFO sighting .

Of course such a strategy requires extra work , And most importantly ACCURATE details of timing and bearings .

GAZROK the mod has a very good FAQ threat stickied to the top of this forum on “ how to file a UFO report “ which should be required reading .


But just to drive the point home :

1 accurate location

We are not always intimately familiar with your home town , and thus appreciate a map link and precise land mark references to enable us to understand just what you saw

2 exact time , self explanatory – I hope

3 compass bearing .

I realise few people carry a compass or GPS with them but the relationship of the object to land marks should be notes .

If you are standing at the gates to your school and spot something directly above your church – a quick look at a map will give you the bearing required

4 Declination . i.e. the angle above horizontal that the object is seen at .

Again you are not expected to have a protractor to hand , How many hand widths above horizontal it is , that’s horizontal , not the visible horizon which may be affected by terrain . Measured @ arms length hand widths give a good yardstick to start from .

Are the bare MINIMUM details required . but ANY other pertinent details are always a bonus .

And I do mean PERTINANT , the fact your mate was wearing his new Nike sneakers is rarely relevant

That is all , this is turning into a rant .

This thread is not meant to scare people off , rather the opposite – encourage better reporting and co ordination – in order to CORRECTLY identify aerial objects , and not just wallow in speculation

Deny Ignorance


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