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This is the best forum I could find for this: Jehovah, YHVH

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posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 07:32 PM
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all essentially Abrahamic religions, each representative of God Jehovah in different but similar ways. Each of these three religions is based upon the framework of the Qabalah, which is the archetypal system of universal principles of creation that Jehovah made and used in order to manifest space-time and all His creation. The Qabalah is like paper, which Jehovah needed to engrave creation onto in the first place. Jehovah is qualitative infinite essence (like paper), the Qabalah is quantitative definition of this essence in archetypal form (like writing), and creation is the expression of Jehovah (like writing being read).

Specifically, Jehovah is, Himself, the fifth dimension of unconditional love. In this sense he is impersonal, the very constituency of the fifth dimension being the manifest lower dimensions. However, as the lower dimensions are contained in the fifth dimension, so is Jehovah's free personal will manifest in lower-dimensional form as Satan. Jehovah is the oneness of dimensions five and lower, but contained in the oneness is also difference. In manifesting into duality, naturally Jehovah must express oneness' dualistic extension, that is evil. Duality is just as much of a reality as oneness, except that oneness is fundamental whereas duality is conventional. Each is mutually contingent on the other, as the two are one, and in this sense is oneness fundamental in contrast to the duality of difference.

The dual existence of Jehovah, which is ever essentially one and the same, is exemplified in the recent discovery of ancient text that claims Jesus secretly asked for his identity to be revealed by Lucifer to the Romans, so as to be crucified. This represents how Satan is a natural extension of Jehovah, an inevitable phenomenon of duality. However, there exists in modern times still more to the constituency of God Jehovah than all this, because Jehovah as the constituency of the fifth dimension has Himself in his most essential form also evolved to an extent as an egregor. As the three Abrahamic religions have worshiped Jehovah over the ages as a personal deity the opposite of Satan, so has the "good" essence of unity of Jehovah evolved personally.

When Jehovah created the Qabalah, the nature of the human condition was determined, in an open-system manner in that the potential for human evolution was not set in stone, as the Qabalah is an ever-evolving archetypal system. This expresses the element of risk inevitable in manifesting dual existence, in that the end is not determined from the beginning, so that free will may arise in the first place. Thus it is not impossible that Jehovah actually erred in creating humanity as He did, in the sense that humanity is actually partly an error, that is, dualistic, or evil. In other words, the "error" of Jehovah, if this term is even appropriate here, is that from His fifth dimensional perspective, He considered that manifesting dual existence, in all its nature of freedom of individual will, necessarily entails the presence of a certain element of error.

Conversely, it is the lesson of dual human existence, the role of humanity, to realize that conventionality is in no way less "good" that fundamentality, and that limits are to be cherished. Such are truths that Jehovah is learning as a result of the gamble he took in manifesting creation as He did. However, Jehovah also made a great sacrifice in manifesting creation, as he is now faced with a perplexing dilemma. Originally Jehovah was merely the fifth dimension of unconditional love, but now the pinnacle of the fifth dimension is personified in egregor form as a result of worship and prayer. Now humanity's free will has corrupted the fifth dimensional constituency of unconditional love, as love that arrives on Earth is almost instantly converted to hate, and one can only wonder if this is what Jehovah had in mind.

The paradox is better understood in considering the wa

posted on Jun, 24 2006 @ 08:23 PM
Sadly, I am imperfect and almost never right. I am full of useless and misunderstood information. I am terrible at remembering the things that are important and great at remembering the things that seem so small.

That is why I humbly allow myself to judge you, that I am imperfect and I mean not to place myself above you, but to make one simple point.

Everything there is bullcrap without references... and to me, even moreso without a reference to the OT or NT.
Try to come up with some if you don't mind

posted on Jun, 25 2006 @ 09:47 AM
Not sure what the post is about, but the title is amusing. There is no such name as Jehovah.


There is no J sound in Biblical Hebrew. The Hebrew "Vav" shares the same sound as the Arabic "Wha". Although the modern Vav can be used for "V" it wasn't used in biblical Hebrew.

There is no Greek translation of Yahweh as it substitutes Theos, and Kurios for Lord and God. Just thought I'd pass this along.

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